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Newborn Matinee Jacket and Hat sets

I’ve been hooked back into crochet. I’ve tried distracting myself with a bit of bead work but the good old hook has got me again.

I’ve branched out a little and started making my first garment. Here is my first little matinee jacket and matching hat set for newborn baby girls.

Newborn matinee jacket and hat set pink

A precious little set for a precious little angel.

Detail of the hat decoration

Jacket detail

This little jacket and hat set would fit newborn babies and features crocheted flowers with pink pearl detailing ( crocheted in beads for extra security) and a pretty butterfly wooden button fastening. It is made in really soft raspberry ripple double knit yarn . Both hat and jacket have a frilly picot edging. The set costs just £20 plus p+p .


I’ve also made little boots that would match (£12 a pair)

Cute little boots for tiny little feet. ( Fit up to 3 months)

or for larger feet I’ve made these very popular t bar shoes that would fit up to 6months of age. (£8 a pair)Both boots and shoes come packaged in their own very cute dinky white box.

These and more are available to purchase on my facebook page , if you aren’t a fan of my page yet, please click the like button!

If you’re not a Facebook person, I do have a shop on Folksy:

Crochet Bright and Beautiful on Folksy

so do pop over and have a browse.

Right, I’m off. The hook is calling me again…

I know. I’ve got it bad.


Introducing Daisy Roots boots

Inspired by the popularity of my ‘Fresh as a Daisy’ mary jane style baby slippers range, I’ve started on a range of tiny  crochet

boots for babies : Daisy Roots .

The name is cockney rhyming slang for boots, which is very useful! Plus I’m very

likely to continue adorning these adorable baby booties with crochet daisies.

Here are the first two in the range: Daisy Roots sugar pink  and Daisy Roots Primrose Yellow.

Pretty pink with daisies, butterflies and roses.

Prettily packaged in a sweet white box

Pretty pink feminine boots

Butterfly close up

Primrose yellow , soft and summery

Pretty fresh boots for dainty baby feet

Primrose yellow with contrasting mustard soles

All the boots in the range fit from newborn up to around 6months ( they are fairly stretchy) and cost £12 +p &p.

Available either from my Crochet Facebook page 

or will soon be listed in my Folksy shop

Packed in a cute white shoe box with tissue insert, they would make a perfect gift for any new baby.

( Boy range to follow)

Daisies, rainbows and the cutest baby girl shoes ever.

So I’ve finished my very first range of baby shoes:

Fresh as a Daisy

Here they are:

Too cute!

Crochet baby shoes daisy rainbow

Which colour do you prefer?

Crochet daisy baby shoes blue purple

Who says blue is for boys?

Aqua, lime and buttercup yellow, so fresh and so pretty.

Will be making headbands and hairclips to match.

A rainbow of baby shoes. Magical.

All the shoes are available to purchase, either through my folksy shop 

or my facebook page Crochet Bright and Beautiful ( just leave a message under the relevant photo and I’ll get back to you. Payment is via Paypal ( you don’t need a Paypal account either, details on my page)

The shoes cost £8 a pair + p&p or come and visit me on  Saturday April 14th from 10am at Brixton Station Road Makers Market and save on postage!

More Crochet Hats for Babies

I’m crocheting away. Here are a few more of the hats that I’ve made:

Baby crochet bonnet with earflaps

Daisy pixie earflap hat

This hat would fit babies 0-4 months.

Crochet pixie baby hat

Detail of side view

Cute baby pixie earflap hat

Cute baby bow hat

This hat would fit babies 3-6 months.

pixie baby hat with red bow

Side view showing pixie detail

Blue  girls daisy tassle crochet earflap hat

Cute blue kids earflap hat

This hat would fit toddler up to adult. They’ll soon be available in my folksy shop.  

Why not pop in and have a browse?




Paint the whole world with a Rainbow!

I loved Rainbow. The classic telly program featuring Zippy, George and Bungle( and of course , Geoffrey,Rod, Jane and Freddy.)

I have to profess a preference for Zippy and George. I loved Zippy’s cheek and slightly arrogant character. His confidence was charming and he was decidedly edgy in comfortable Kids telly land. George was just sweet. Who could possibly resist a ( camp)pink Hippo? Certainly not me.

I can’t say the same for Bungle. There was something decidedly dodgy about that bear. I never liked his tiny face in his big brown head and I found him whiny, annoying and just a little bit creepy.( Sorry, am I over investing in this imaginary character that was clearly just a man in a bear suit? ) Aha! That’s what it is, he was a man in a suit, Zippy and George were real, albeit real puppets.

Bungle was just a man in a bear suit.( Keep repeating that to yourself Diane)

I’m glad I’ve cleared that up for myself there.

So, I made a finger puppet set of Rainbow. I’m really proud of how they turned out. Of course I made them in order of preference: Zippy first, followed by George, the Rainbow and then reluctantly…. ( shivers) creepy Bungle.

My Rainbow finger puppets

I did think about including Geoffrey and Rod, Jane and Freddy but I’m not too sure I’d do them justice. ( and what did Rod and Freddy actually look like? )So I left it at the puppets plus the creepy man in a bear suit.