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Serendipity? Oh yes! Oh yes!


It’s been an interesting few days, full of coincidences and chance meetings.

I’m the sort of person who believes that if you are on the right path, then things go right and coincidences happen as part of that confirmation.

( Just as I wrote that line, Dynamo the magician playing on the telly in the background said : My grandfather always told me that there was no such thing as coincidences, just things that were waiting to happen… )

Spooky that.
Well back to my true story.

Last time I held my market stall in Brixton Station Road

The collectible section of my market stall.

( a very seldom affair) , a very lovely man spent an awful long time pouring over my stock , clearly deep in thought. I’m quite a shy sort, and I’m not quick to offer help so waited for the inevitable inquiry.

” Could you make a dog to order? I’ve got a Jack Russel that I’d love to have made as a gift for a friend who looks after her for me.”
Well I love a challenge so I gave him my card and waited for the contact.

One one side of my business card I have my crochet business details.

On the flip side I have my Diane’s Puppets business details. I thought I’d combine the two in a multi purpose card. After all the target audience is virtually the same.
Well, a few months past and I totally forgot about this lovely man. That is until I received an email regarding making the dog for him. He had sent these lovely two pictures of Betty the dog

Lovely Betty the Jack Russel

She’s a sweetie

and asked if I could make her before the beginning of September.

That gave me loads of time, I’d surely get it done long before the deadline.

At the end of the email, he wrote this:

“Yes, I did check out your website as I was fascinated by the reverse side of your business card.
By a curious co-incidence you might like to check out my website : www.simonbuckley.co.uk

My curiosity prickled, I clicked on the link to find that the man who operated the Churchill Dog on the adverts

who had operated Margaret Thatcher’s puppet in Spitting Image and who was the legend that was Nobby the Sheep from Children’s telly had commissioned little ole me to make him something. Talk about a puppets connection… how strange. He lived locally too, in Brixton.
Here is his showreel.

Seriously Simon, I’m not worthy.

But I took the job on and within two days Betty the little puppy was finished. Here is the finished result:

Isn’t she cute? She even has a little ladybird on her nose as an added cute touch.
I’m delighted to report that Simon loved her . We spent a very lovely morning chatting puppets and crochet over a coffee in Brixton as I presented Betty to her owner.


I’m still sitting here smiling at the serendipity of it all. I think I must be doing something right.


A bespoke crochet your pet service soon to be launched here at Crochet Bright and Beautiful for just £30 you can have your own pet made young forever translated into crochet.  If you’re interested, leave a comment or email me on

thebabyfairyfifi@hotmail.com and make the subject line : Bespoke Pet and I’ll get back to you straight away.






Making Puppets the Videojug way

I’ve been approached by the video production company Videojug to become their ‘expert’ on puppet making. On Wednesday they are coming round to my little studio to film twenty short videos on popular puppet making searches. I’ve spent the last few days preparing and pre-making puppets for this auspicious occasion. I thought I’d share the latest puppets with you.

Here is ‘Girl Puppet”

girl puppet

Isn't she cute with her button eyes and cheeks?

If you like Girl puppet and would like to watch a step by step video of how to make this cute puppet , do stay tuned. As soon as the videos are finished I shall put up a link via Youtube.

Here is a half finished bird marionette that I enjoyed making. I have to take it apart for the filming, hence it being only half finished. I think she shall be wonderful when completed. She already has a very sassy walk!

Simple string bird puppet

What a gorgeous bird!

When making marionettes or string puppets, the secret in good movement is weighted feet. This particular exotic bird is made of very light polystyrene balls and pompoms and has feet that have two 2p coins stuck underneath to make her walk with gravity. Again, I must stress that she is only half finished as I will completely remake her on camera for the how to video. If I could make this lovely puppet from reading printed instructions, I’m sure you will be able to do it too especially if you are following a step by step video instruction.

To see more puppets that I have been making for this series of how to videos, check out my other blog post on kidspartyheaven.

Nutty about Finger Puppets

Finger puppets have become my new obsession. As a puppeteer by profession, (Diane’s Puppets)I’ve only recently started making finger puppets, using yarn and making up patterns to crochet various designs.

I’ve recently completed a set of five finger puppets based on the Nutcracker Suite.


There’s Clara, the little girl in her nightdress, King Mouse with his golden crown, a tin soldier and

Nutcracker Suite finger puppet set

the very gorgeous pink Sugar Plum Fairy ballerina .


I’ve had such fun working in all the details and figuring out the patterns.

The sugar plum fairy

The Mouse King

I think he looks almost real. He’s looking at  you, look!

Tin soldier

I just adore creating little sets of magic that will hopefully inspire many hours of creative play and storytelling for children everywhere.

They are available to order from my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CrochetBrightandBeautiful

This very special  handmade set costs £20.



Homeless Marionettes

I made these marionettes over 15 years ago.

I’m rather fond of them, but they live in a suitcase with no story to tell as I’m  not fond of the manipulation required to bring them to life.

If anyone knows of anyone who would like to give them a good home, for a reasonable price, let me know.



Close up

Noah, carved wood

Noah , profile

What a lovely face

Punk Pete

Pete detail

Frederick the Great

How do you do, I'm Frederick


Casting a spell

I'm melting... aargh!

Strike a pose

Tyra Banks, eat your heart out!


Believe it or not, there are more.

To be continued…