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Extra special Baby Headbands for Extra Special Baby Girls


I like to make individual pieces, I’ve realised. I’m not good at replicating. Some people enjoy the repetition thing but I find that the joy for me is in the creative process. The moment when something comes together that has never existed before is  a truly special moment and that is where my satisfaction lies.
So… that means that everything that I make will be unique.
Here are the latest bunch of little bits of uniqueness.

I’ve been making baby headbands since I came across some really special velvet trimmed soft elastic , it just had to be adorned with something pretty and made into headbands. So I did.

Here’s what I’ve made thus far:

pretty baby girl headbands

Here is the full collection of baby headbands. All different and all special. Just like baby girls.

Red Diva sparkly bow

The velvet ladybird one


Daisy chain baby headband

The daisy chain one

My personal favourite: the Blue hydrangea one

Baby headband butterfly pink

The pink and sparkly butterfly one

The double daisy one

Cotton pink rose baby headband

The English Rose one

Sparkly pink baby headband bow

The Pink Sugar Bow one


All these headbands are completely hand made and hand finished. Every detail is hand sewn on securely and they are all backed in felt.

These delicious little morsels will make the most perfect gift and cost just £4.50 plus £1 p+p and can be purchased via my Facebook page:

Crochet Bright and Beautiful on Facebook

Just leave a comment under the relevant photo and I’ll get back to you straight away.


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Wear flowers with pride

Here in the UK it seems that Summer has been kidnapped and we’ve been given lots of rain in it’s place.

Even so, nature has still carried on regardless and I’ve been struck by how many beautiful flowers have continued to blossom despite being pelted by almost incessant rain.

Inspired by many of these flowers, I created this hat.

White cotton with pretty floral decoration

Look how pretty this looks on!

Detail of the floral decoration.

I’ve rather fallen in love with this crocheted hat. I may just keep it.

I don’t usually wear feminine hats to be honest. I’ve been known to wear a fedora or two though… strange woman that I am. Maybe this time I shall make an exception and wear flowers on my head with pride.

Or maybe I will sell it .


Necklaces for Kids or the Young at Heart.

I’ve been taking a break from crochet recently and have stepped sideways into making beaded jewelry. I shall possibly include some crochet in time, but for now here are my latest creations.


My granddaughter modelling the magic necklace.

Bracelets with messages.

The pirate necklace modelled.

This is brand new for me. Would love any feedback /comments. Which are your favourite?

Necklaces cost from £7 plus p+p.

All handmade, all one of a kind.

Order via my Facebook page





Little Fairy Bags

Every lady no matter how small, needs her handbag.

And here’s some I made earlier:

Children's crocheted hand beaded bags

The start of a new range of pretty bags.

Little Fairy bags are a new range of children’s bags from Crochet Bright and Beautiful aka me. I take inspiration from the colour of the yarn I’m using and then hand bead and decorate them to finish. Each bag is unique, no two are ever the same , the one thing they all share is that they are all 6″(15cm) square and are fully lined with fresh, crisp cotton.

The Pink One

A symphony in pink

Kids pink bag crochet daisy

Detail of the daisy

I started with a pink bag, well, I just had to. Made in three shades of pink, from candyfloss to seriously Barbie, this bag has it all: Flowers , butterfly and ribbons and bows, sparkly sequins and pearls. Sigh. I’m overwhelmed by the pinkness…It’s seriously pretty.

The Festival One

This one is my personal favourite.

Crochet kids handbag

Jewel bright colours and daisy beads. Mmmm

I love the combination of colours and textures in this one.

Detail of the beading

I call this one the Festival one as I can imagine a little girl trailing behind her mummy at a Summer Festival with this bag  on her arm, daisy chains in her hair and barefoot. Indulge me. 🙂 I think I may just have to make a big lady version for myself. This beautiful bag  is lined in fresh lime green crisp cotton and is hand beaded with pretty daisy beads all the way around. Gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.

The Rainbow One

Rainbow bag for kids

I’m a sucker for rainbows. Yes I know how they’re made and all, but for me they will always be a little bit of real magic in an otherwise dull world. I’ll never forget the day I witnessed the end of the rainbow plunging into a Swedish lake just yards in front of my feet . I tried to see if there was a pot of gold but just couldn’t quite make it out. I think it was there, just out of sight.

Anyway, this bag features ‘rain’ beads that scatter down the rainbow  diagonally and has brilliant crystal beading ( albeit plastic – they’re really bright and sparkly though) on the edge of the bag. Again this bag is lined with brilliant green crisp cotton which offsets the purple edge beautifully.

The different layers of colour also have different textures for richness, and the yellow and blue stripe feature a bobble or two for fun.

The bags are available to purchase  on my facebook page ,  just leave a message under the relevant photo. Payment is via Paypal or I can email you an invoice  and pay by card online. I shall soon be uploading these to my folksy shop as well , along with other bags that are soon to be created.

These  unique darling little works of handbag art cost just £15 +p and p.



Here’s another one hot off the hook;

The Blue Sky one

Cute girls handbag rainbow

Isn't she lovely?

Lovely rainbow handle

Back of the bag featuring ladybird detail

I’m totally in love with this dinky bag. She’s sparkly, fresh and flowery with rainbows , ladybirds and butterflies . Sigh…

Lined with fresh white cotton , and edged with pale blue sparkly sequins.

I may just have to make myself a big one. My inner child is starting to blub a little.