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Bags more bags

It’s been a long time blogging , I’ve been busy in my spare time when I’m done with puppets, establishing a brand new venture. It’s called c.Art  , the concept being artworks that you carry around with you in the form of bags. Here’s my latest creations:





This one is called ‘Babies’.  It is a clutch bag , again painted canvas with top stitching details and embroidered text. This bag is painted in a beautiful shade of soft grey to compliment the drawing .babies9

The text reads: Father asked us , ” What was God’s noblest work? Anna said, ” Men,” but I said “Babies”. Men are often bad, but babies never are. A wonderful quote from the classic novel , Little Women , by Louisa May Alcott. This quote perfectly sums up my thoughts on the ‘empty vessel’ theory that I believe children are. We hold so much responsibility for filling them with the right stuff.The image is drawn from a silverpoint engraving of an infant by the great Leonardo Da Vinci.



The inside of the bag is lined with baby pink , and the bag is fastened with a magnetic snap. There are two compartments inside the bag to organise your things nicely. babies5



The next bag is a handsome beast. It is a ‘man bag’. ( I’m not sure what else to call it) although of course, it isn’t restricted to men. It is designed to be worn across the body, the wide canvas adjustable strap with it’s smart satin bronzed buckle, holding it nice and secure. It has a flap front, featuring a beautifully distressed and deliberately drippy image of two lovers kissing, just emerging from the shadows. kiss1

The gender of the couple is not at first clear, but on closer inspection , the two lovers are both male.



The quote : “Make me immortal with a kiss” is from Christopher Marlowe.



I wanted to invoke the beauty found in decay , the accidental masterpiece found on a subway wall, the dark excitement and freedom and tolerance found in the urban sprawl in this piece. The bag is in muted shades of grey/sepia and is selectively over sewn to emphasise elements of the design.


The inside of the bag is equally handsome. I’ve lined it with the most beautifully sumptuous wine coloured satin. It has a lined front pocket under the flap and a zippered pocket in the lining. The bag is fastened with two magnetic snaps .




“The Eye “Make up Ba


For something a little different, here I’ve made a make up bag in pale flesh tones with a big detailed embroidered eye .



It’s lined in pink pearly pvc and is fastened with a chocolate brown zipper.Eye2eye4




So, what do you think?




I’ve been working on the website, hopefully it will be up and running soon.




In the meantime, to keep up with all things c.Art, head over to my facebook page for regular updates.


c.Art on Facebook



c.Art: where craft meets Art.

The Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know. I’ve not blogged for ages. I’m not going to apologise, I’ve been busy, very busy. Now don’t fall over with shock, but my latest project has nothing to do with crochet. I know, shocking, isn’t it? I thought I’d give my hands a break and go back to my roots of painting . I studied Fine Art ( painting)at art college way back when.

Back in the day when I was a young lady, I worked as a scenic artist for the Cape Performing Arts Board in South Africa. I spent my time tacking down massive canvases in warehouses and sloshing around horse glue size with a sweeping brush , preparing the backdrops for various operatic and theatrical productions.
Sometimes I would have the honours of actually painting the massive canvases too.  After all, my audition to get the job in the first place was having to paint a replica of the Mona Lisa, in poster paints for a production of Annie. The painting was a success, so much so that it was stolen by someone on tour. I learned to spatter with 8 ” decorating brushes like a pro, often having to ‘break down’ a copy of a Rococco painting  on the instructions of the set designer , as it read too well from the audience. Breaking down involved spattering great gobs of paint over a beautifully detailed painting- heartbreaking thing to do.

Fast forward 20 odd years and I’m back spattering on canvas and painting replicas of gorgeous pieces of art , except this time, instead of being on a huge scale, these canvas are tiny. And they are being turned into bags.

My new venture is c.Art.

The name stands for craft meets Art, or carry Art. Also you cart your stuff around in your bag.

The basic concept is turning paintings on canvas into bags . Most bags feature an image or two combined with appropriate embroidered text.  But words are not enough to describe the bags. You need pictures . So here they are:

This bag was made for a huge Aaliyah fan. It’s not terribly representative of the c.Art style but it was a commission.

Aaliyah3 Aaliyah5

Another commission, this bag truly showcases the c.Art style. Here we have a grafitti inspired image with words chosen by the client embroidered on to the bag.

Annebag1 Annebag3 Annebag5

Note the drippy, spattered canvas over written with text: that’s the c.Art style. All the bags are lined in luscious satin and fastened with magnetic snaps.

Here’s a bag made for my muse as a gift, the brilliant, creative, performance artist Marnie Scarlet. This is the back of the bag featuring appliqued flowers and a portrait of her in one of her costumes. This was based on a photo by the wonderful ML Imagery.


Here’s the front of the bag featuring a portrait of the great lady herself , based on a photograph this time by Helene Jaspers.


Detail of the stitching and glitter . bag4

This bag is a tribute to a legend, the late, great Bruce Lee. Here’s the inside of the bag showing one of his wonderful quotes:BL4

And here’s the front of the bag, with another one of his quotes. Image based on the famous cracked mirror scene of Enter the Dragon. BL5

This next bag is a clutch bag , an adaptation of one of my other bags, this time featuring a cat rather than a dog. The bag is lined with satin , with a zippered inner pocket and magnetic clasp. Bowie2 Bowie4

Sometimes I make from other materials, this time from a beautiful pearly pink pvc. This is based on a graffiti version of Frieda Kahlo.


This clutch bag made from the same pvc, this time with a very graphic image .


This drawing , by my eldest daughter, inspired  all of the bags. I transferred this drawing onto a bag made from some old oil paintings of mine , cut up to make a tote bag for her 21st birthday. Im bag drawing

This was how it worked out. Im bag2 Im bag3 Imbag4

She was very happy with her gift. 🙂

Here’s a small evening bag based on the famous painting of the Lady of Shalott.

Ladybag1 Ladybag5

Painted on canvas and lavishly oversewn, edged with red satin, lined with black satin. Ladybag6

The back of the bag features a verse from the poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson of the Lady of Shalott. The bag features a crystal topped frame and  a red silk cord. Ladybag10 Ladybag12

Here is the Medusa shopper. This bag was my fastest seller, purchased only minutes of it’s completion. It was sold to the wonderful artist Sue Kreitzman.

Medusa1 Medusa6 Medusa7 Medusa9

I call this one the Mercury clutch, featuring the God Mercury and words by the God Freddie Mercury. 🙂Mer1 Mer8 Mer9 Mer15

Another bespoke  bag , this time for a gentleman who chose this rather lovely quote to be featured inside his bag:

Mikes bag final 8

and this one on the back :Mikes bag final 10 Mikes bag final 12

This is the front of the bag, a composite image of all of his passions: capoeira , architecture, jazz and the sea.

Mikes bag final1

I think it came out rather well. I also unwittingly created ‘Debrixton’, the blue canvas fabric  , similar to Denim but not created in Nimes ( De Nimes) hence Debrixton.  Get it?

Some of my bags verge on the ridiculous, but splendidly so. Another bag for the fabulously adventurous Marnie Scarlet. This one is called Nell. E. Phant and features a detachable elephant trunk. The images are based on photographs by the splendidly creative Tigz Rice Studios.


Trunk on and trunk off. nellebag3

This bag is made in soft pink pvc with velvet straps , canvas portrait applique and artificial flowers.

nelliebag5This bag was another commission . I call this one Optimism. Optimism2 Optimism4 Optimism5

Another bespoke bag, this one features a stylised portrait of the client.

portrait bag1

This next bag was specially made as a gift for my partner. He’s crazy about a certain character…Shonuff2 Shonuff4 Shonuff7

On the back is a quote from Bruce Lee. ( elaborated by Royce Da 59)Shonuff8

Here are two clutch bags. The first with the dog is my own personal bag, the second a version for another client, featuring her cat, Bowie.

tea time 5

Close up of the original tea party bag, based on a wonderful piece of graffiti.


So that’s it for now. I’ve got so many ideas in store, I almost don’t know where to begin.

I’ll be back to show you more.

Oh, if you’d like to follow my progress with the bags, do head over to my facebook page www.facebook.com/c.Artbags

There will be a website soon. I’m still working on it.

Little Fairy Bags

Every lady no matter how small, needs her handbag.

And here’s some I made earlier:

Children's crocheted hand beaded bags

The start of a new range of pretty bags.

Little Fairy bags are a new range of children’s bags from Crochet Bright and Beautiful aka me. I take inspiration from the colour of the yarn I’m using and then hand bead and decorate them to finish. Each bag is unique, no two are ever the same , the one thing they all share is that they are all 6″(15cm) square and are fully lined with fresh, crisp cotton.

The Pink One

A symphony in pink

Kids pink bag crochet daisy

Detail of the daisy

I started with a pink bag, well, I just had to. Made in three shades of pink, from candyfloss to seriously Barbie, this bag has it all: Flowers , butterfly and ribbons and bows, sparkly sequins and pearls. Sigh. I’m overwhelmed by the pinkness…It’s seriously pretty.

The Festival One

This one is my personal favourite.

Crochet kids handbag

Jewel bright colours and daisy beads. Mmmm

I love the combination of colours and textures in this one.

Detail of the beading

I call this one the Festival one as I can imagine a little girl trailing behind her mummy at a Summer Festival with this bag  on her arm, daisy chains in her hair and barefoot. Indulge me. 🙂 I think I may just have to make a big lady version for myself. This beautiful bag  is lined in fresh lime green crisp cotton and is hand beaded with pretty daisy beads all the way around. Gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.

The Rainbow One

Rainbow bag for kids

I’m a sucker for rainbows. Yes I know how they’re made and all, but for me they will always be a little bit of real magic in an otherwise dull world. I’ll never forget the day I witnessed the end of the rainbow plunging into a Swedish lake just yards in front of my feet . I tried to see if there was a pot of gold but just couldn’t quite make it out. I think it was there, just out of sight.

Anyway, this bag features ‘rain’ beads that scatter down the rainbow  diagonally and has brilliant crystal beading ( albeit plastic – they’re really bright and sparkly though) on the edge of the bag. Again this bag is lined with brilliant green crisp cotton which offsets the purple edge beautifully.

The different layers of colour also have different textures for richness, and the yellow and blue stripe feature a bobble or two for fun.

The bags are available to purchase  on my facebook page ,  just leave a message under the relevant photo. Payment is via Paypal or I can email you an invoice  and pay by card online. I shall soon be uploading these to my folksy shop as well , along with other bags that are soon to be created.

These  unique darling little works of handbag art cost just £15 +p and p.



Here’s another one hot off the hook;

The Blue Sky one

Cute girls handbag rainbow

Isn't she lovely?

Lovely rainbow handle

Back of the bag featuring ladybird detail

I’m totally in love with this dinky bag. She’s sparkly, fresh and flowery with rainbows , ladybirds and butterflies . Sigh…

Lined with fresh white cotton , and edged with pale blue sparkly sequins.

I may just have to make myself a big one. My inner child is starting to blub a little.