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The Wheels on the Bus

Celebrating the London Routemaster Bus

Finishing off my transport theme of beanie hats ( check out my other transport beanies here) I thought I’d end with a London icon , the Routemaster bus.

These gorgeous buses were sadly taken off London roads a few years ago and have been sorely missed by Londoners and tourists alike. The few that remain have been privately bought and used as tour buses or party buses.

The good news is that the Routemaster is back! New and improved apparently , well it certainly is on my hat…

Here is my tribute to the lovely big red London bus.

London red bus Routemaster beanie hat for kids

The wheels on the bus go round and round

This lovely muted green chunky beanie is made with double strand DK acrylic yarn, soft and hard-wearing and very easy to wash. The double decker red bus is a crocheted applique and is carefully sewn on . The bus stop is a fun detail. This fun bus beanie crochet hat would fit children from 2 and stretch to fit up to adult.

Cute crochet beanie London bus green

Number 4 bus ready to leave!

Available directly from my facebook crochet page ( payment via Paypal) this hat costs just £10 plus p+p.

Soon to be listed also in my folksy shop

link below.

Crochet Bright and Beautiful


This lovely hat has been sold to a sweet little boy who is bus crazy. His mum says he loves it!

I can still make this hat to order, just leave me a message on my facebook page or leave a comment below. There would be a 2 week turnaround.


Easy Tiger!

Now here’s a hat to turn heads.

Beanie hat tiger orange yellow striped

I'm a tiger, I'm a tiger...

It’s a tiger hat, sans the terrible teeth. It is made in yellow and orange yarn with black and white detail. It will stretch to fit up to adult, but is probably more suitable for children age from around 3 years old.

tiger beanie hat

Beautiful tiger stripes.

Tiger striped beanie


Tiger beanie crochet hat

What's not to love?

This hat is soon to be listed in my folksy shop. Do pop over to Crochet Bright and Beautiful  and have a browse sometime.

I think Lulu would look lovely in this hat. She should wear it while singing…

Funky Chunky Crochet Ear Hats for Babies

More cute hats for little ones, this time with ears!

Crochet bunny ears baby hat
Warm, snuggly and oh so cute!

The possibility of crochet is just endless. I just don’t have enough hours in the day to put my hand to realise  all of the endless variations. I’ve made so many hats but I needed to make a few with ears. There’s nothing quite like being able to transform your little prince or princess into an animal of some sort just with the addition of a hat with ears. Let’s face it, this opportunity to dress up your child is all too short. Before you know it they’ll be stroppy teens  or cheeky monkeys.

Chunky monkey ears baby hat
A chunky monkey hat for your cheeky monkey

Both hats fit up to 3 months of age, and are warm and snuggly as well as being really cute.

So which animal suits your little one? Are they a snuggly bunny

Crochet bunny ears baby hat
How cute is this?

or a cheeky  chunky monkey?

Chunky monkey ears baby crochet hat
A hat for your cheeky monkey

Both hats soon to be listed in my Folksy shop (link below)


Beautiful Cotton Boho Chic Beanies

Shabby Chic/ Boho Chic hats

I’ve made two new pure cotton beanie hats size up to adult that would perfectly finish off any Shabby Chic/Boho Chic look. Crochet is absolutely on trend right now and either of these hats would look fabulous teamed with fluffy knits and denim and lace.

Pink cotton boho chic crochet beanie

Pretty as a picture

This first hat is the essence of feminity. Made in pretty pure pale pink cotton yarn, with a soft green edging it is embellished with salmon pink cotton daisies with deep red cotton middles. The swirly green stems join the flowers in a delightful old fashioned pattern.

Cotton crochet pink beanie

The other side of the hat

The crown of the hat is worked in a lacy pattern and the sides of the hat worked in single and half double crochet making it hug the head neatly.

Cotton crochet flower detail

Detail of the flowers

The next hat is worked in the same yarn and colours but is worked in smart stripes, still feminine but not as obviously so.

 crochet Cotton pink striped beanie

Smart stripes

pink red green striped cotton beanie

Hat from above

Again this hat would fit child up to adult. ( Stretches to fit).


Both hats will soon be available in my folksy shop ( link below). Do pop over and have a look around sometime.

Crochet Bright and Beautiful

For When it’s a bit Nippy outdoors

Baby it’s cold outside

Brrr, it’s freezing out there. Seriously folks you need to wrap up to walk out in the UK at the minute. Yes I know, it’s winter and we really should expect it and if we were Scandinavians or Canadians we would be sunbathing right now! A nice hat is essential in this chilly snap. Tis reet nippy out there…

My facebook wall is being plastered with fantastic crochet links by my lovely friends. Seems like I’m the go-to person if there’s a funny or interesting crochet item and I’m loving it. The latest is this one: Fabulous breastfeeding hat that was posted by my darling Swedish friend, thank you Lena! It certainly provoked comment especially by one  lady who really was blown away by it. So I offered to make one for her.

And here it is.

Crochet boob hat

It's lovely isn't it?

What’s the matter? Is it a little plain for  you? It’s terribly sophisticated and classy and would go with anything, being  a nice neutral shade of cream.

Or maybe not. Let me swivel it for you…

Crochet breast hat

Ehem.. what's that on the top?

You can’t quite see? Okay, let me angle the camera up for you.

Hold on…

Crochet breast hat

and the penny drops.

Yes dear friends, this is a booby breast beanie. I do hope my lovely friend likes it, it really tickles my funny bone.

Crochet breast hat with nipple

It's so nippy out here.

Crochet breast hat cream and pink

Meet the Booby hat ( for brave strong women)

I’m getting something knitted in return. I’m really excited , I like a surprise.

Oh if anyone shares my friends sense of humour and style , let me know in the comments and I may just make a few to sell in my folksy shop(link below)


Adorable Crochet Hats for Baby Boys and Girls

It’s all about hats for me at the minute. I can’t stop crocheting and coming up with new ideas to decorate snuggly baby hats for boys and girls. Here are the latest crop:

Baby boy earflap crochet hat rocket

Adorable baby boy rocket hat

I naturally gravitate towards girls things, being girly myself and having had two daughters and a granddaughter. Every now and then I remember to make something cute that baby boys can wear too. Here is a sweet hat with a crochet rocket on the front. The top of the hat is tied with the cutest rocket ribbon you will ever see!

Rocket crochet detail rocket ribbon

Just look how cute that ribbon is!

The hat is deep lilac and is edged with fresh white with a silver thread detail. It is tied with two lilac ties finished off with white tassles. This cute and funky hat is crocheted with double strand of double knit making it soft and chunky and ever so snuggly for your little one’s head. Fits up to 6 months old.

Okay, back to the girls! I just can’t help myself. Here is a pink pixie style earflap hat for the little fairies in your life.

Cute pink crochet pixie earflap rose hat

Pink pixie style rose hat

Crochet rose pink

Detail showing crocheted pink cotton rose

The hat can be tied on with the pink ties that are finished with soft green curly ringlets. Will fit baby girls up to 6 months old.

Finally ( for today at least) here is another for the girls.

Red and green flower petal beanie for babies

Pretty flower petal beanie hat

Here is a special little hat for your little flower fairy.

Flower hat for babies red and green

View from the top showing the leaf detail

Detail of crochet flower hat for baby girls showing ribbon

Close up of the cute pixie ribbon detail

Inspired by the cutest pixie ribbon that you can see above, this hat is made again with double strand double knit on a large hook making it chunky yet soft. Nice and warm as well as nice and soft. The little leaf on top of the tiny stem finishes off this very sweet little beanie. Would fit up to 6 months.

I shall soon be listing these hats in my Folksy shop.

I think I need to go and start making some dogs  now. The last batch all sold.





More Crochet Hats for Babies

I’m crocheting away. Here are a few more of the hats that I’ve made:

Baby crochet bonnet with earflaps

Daisy pixie earflap hat

This hat would fit babies 0-4 months.

Crochet pixie baby hat

Detail of side view

Cute baby pixie earflap hat

Cute baby bow hat

This hat would fit babies 3-6 months.

pixie baby hat with red bow

Side view showing pixie detail

Blue  girls daisy tassle crochet earflap hat

Cute blue kids earflap hat

This hat would fit toddler up to adult. They’ll soon be available in my folksy shop.  

Why not pop in and have a browse?




Hats Off To My New Shop!

Well I’ve spent all day taking photos and uploading and writing descriptions and finally, FINALLY I’m just about done . I’ve got a new shop at Folksy. It’s called

Crochet Bright and Beautiful

and it’s looking rather lovely, if I do say so myself.

Here are some of the things on offer.

There are earflap hats for babies:

Hats with rainbows

Rainbow daisy baby hat

Hats that are toadstools

Toadstool daisy baby hat

Hats with dots and a Swedish flavour:

Swedish bobble earflap hat

Kids hats with a twinkle

Star hat

and beanies galore:

Cute and bright beanies, who needs pink?

Well, sometimes you gotta have a pink hat.

Granny made me wear this. Am I cute or what?

Everyone loves ladybirds, don't they?

Hats for bigger kids too, or even for grown up’s…

pink and orange hatsblue and purple hats

and even baby fascinator hats …well,  alright, headbands. But they are gorgeous.

Who can resist one of these ?

A flower for a fairy

and for the tiniest of babies, there are single dainty cotton daisies.

When you're really small, you need something delicate.

So is it just hats?

Hats just the beginning. ( Groan).

There are shoes. And dolls and crocheted rubber ducks.

That’s for another time.

Hats the way to do it!

Okay, I’ll stop now.