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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend? No, it’s handbags.

Handbags, evening bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags or even a big old tote bag, us ladies sure are suckers for a something to keep our bits and pieces in.

Here in my incarnation of c.Art, I’ve been busy making more bags, each one unique, as befits the brand.

Marilyn Monroe once famously sang ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ but I beg to differ. I think a handbag is much more useful and can be just as pretty as a string of sparklers . I combined the glamour of the image of Marilyn Monroe in this  dusky pink evening bag .Monroe1


Monroe4The back of the evening bag reads: ” I’m a failure as a woman. My men expect so much because of the image they’ve made of me and that I’ve made of myself as a sex symbol. Men expect so much of me and I can’t live up to it. ”  A quote from the screen idol herself, showing her acute self awareness and burgeoning Feminist thinking.

This bag was snapped up as soon as I’d made it. Others similar could be ordered.

From one great woman to another, here is a shopper made with a kaleidoscopic image of the wonderful Frida Kahlo. With hand painted green leopard print and heavily embroidered and handpainted image , this shopper bag would turn your shopping trip into a very special occasion.

frida2frida9 Lined in pistachio green satin with a magnetic snap closure and a zippered inner pocket, this bag is stylish as well as practical. frida13

To order your own bag or to see what I’ve currently got in stock, head over to my website www.iheartcart.com

or if you’re a Facebook person : www.facebook.com/c.Artbags


Extra special Baby Headbands for Extra Special Baby Girls


I like to make individual pieces, I’ve realised. I’m not good at replicating. Some people enjoy the repetition thing but I find that the joy for me is in the creative process. The moment when something comes together that has never existed before is  a truly special moment and that is where my satisfaction lies.
So… that means that everything that I make will be unique.
Here are the latest bunch of little bits of uniqueness.

I’ve been making baby headbands since I came across some really special velvet trimmed soft elastic , it just had to be adorned with something pretty and made into headbands. So I did.

Here’s what I’ve made thus far:

pretty baby girl headbands

Here is the full collection of baby headbands. All different and all special. Just like baby girls.

Red Diva sparkly bow

The velvet ladybird one


Daisy chain baby headband

The daisy chain one

My personal favourite: the Blue hydrangea one

Baby headband butterfly pink

The pink and sparkly butterfly one

The double daisy one

Cotton pink rose baby headband

The English Rose one

Sparkly pink baby headband bow

The Pink Sugar Bow one


All these headbands are completely hand made and hand finished. Every detail is hand sewn on securely and they are all backed in felt.

These delicious little morsels will make the most perfect gift and cost just £4.50 plus £1 p+p and can be purchased via my Facebook page:

Crochet Bright and Beautiful on Facebook

Just leave a comment under the relevant photo and I’ll get back to you straight away.


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