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Beautiful handmade Bangles by a creative genius.

Wearable art is the future of fashion

Today I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my dear friend Scorpio. He is a tall, striking man , stylish and gregarious, who is so talented, it is slightly intimidating. He’s also very humble , which is a very endearing quality.

Scorpio makes textile based artwork, sewing , appliqueing  and embroidering his pieces. He’s very inspired by the punk aesthetic , having worked alongside Vivianne Westwood for a period of time, but he also has a strong tribal and folk art streak. He makes gorgeous one off pieces of wearable art , be they clothing or accessories that are fastidiously and beautifully hand crafted. Scorpio and Hannah                  Here is Scorpio with the lovely Hana, Sue Kreitzman’s PA.

Today I bought this scrumptious piece of jewelry, a one off piece that is absolutely stunning. IMAG1348 IMAG1349_1 IMAG1351_1More of a cuff than a bangle, this is a large statement piece of jewelry, hand embroidered , hand beaded and mirrored and lined with rich blue velvet, it not only looks beautiful on my wrist but feels really cosy. This piece is mine. You can’t have it. But here are some other pieces he has made:

IMAG1337 IMAG1339 IMAG1341 IMAG1343 IMAG1345Each bangle is meticulously hand made with patchwork and beading, lined with velvet and edged with beads or cord for a beautiful finish. Each of these delightful pieces of wearable art are totally unique. If you’d like to purchase your own piece of wearable art, the larger bangles are £60 and the smaller, £40.

If you are interested, please email Scorpio directly at scorpiotheartist@gmail.com to arrange purchase.


Crochet chain necklaces

I’ve been making simple and funky jewelry lately, mainly for children and the young at heart. Up until now I’ve been using elasticated thread to string the beads .

Now I’ve decided to do a range of necklaces that incorporate a crochet cotton chain with selected beads in the middle.


Here’s some I made earlier:


Wooden bead necklace

Okay, so this one doesn’t have a crochet chain. You got me there. It’s cute though?

These necklaces feature miracle beads. They’re hard to photograph as they respond to light in a very strange and beautiful way. They photograph grey, but expose them to light and they have this inner glow that is pure magic. They have to be seen to be believed: hence why they’re called miracle beads.

This pretty necklace features buzzy bees hiding underneath the satin roses.

This one showcases the miracle beads and the pretty pink floral beads and has four charms that say made with love . It certainly was!

All these necklaces were lovingly handmade by me , are all unique ( I only make one of a kind) and cost just £7.50 plus p+p.

Or you could avoid the p+p altogether and come and pick one up for yourself tomorrow (Saturday 30th June)  at Brixton Market ( Station Road) between 9.30am-5pm. I’ll be there at my Crochet Bright and Beautiful stall. It would be lovely to meet you!






A Beady Eye for Necklaces

Not content with just crochet, I’ve taken up jewelry making as well. As if my fingers weren’t occupied enough!

( Well I am a bit of a magpie, anything that sparkles and all that…)

Here are the latest additions to my stock.

Forget 5 a day, why not have 9 portions of fruit instead with this delicious fruit necklace and matching bracelet.

This pretty necklace was made for a very special lady. I’m happy to make any design to order.

I call this one the ‘Fairy Special’ as it is very special. ( See what I did there? ) Three strands of sparkles and flowers, all held together with sparkly links and pink flowers pointing towards a fairy pendant and a pink miracle bead. ( The miracle beads need to be seen in real light to really appreciate their magic. They glow like they’re alive!)

Detail of the fairy pendant . The necklace is made from three strands of strong elasticated transparent nylon making it perfectly safe for young necks.

I believe these necklaces would make perfect gifts for young girls. They’re all unique. So if you are looking for a gift for a girl who has everything , here it is!





More Necklaces for the Young and Young at Heart

I can’t stop.

Here are the latest necklaces. All would fit child and even be a choker for a grown person. They’re all strung on elasticated cord /thread for safety’s sake.

pretty pink necklace for girls

Pink to make the boys wink

Detail of the flower

Pink to make the Boys Wink is a little girls fantasy necklace. Organza pink bows and a faceted pink flower decorate this confection of mixed pink beads. All beads may apply to be on this necklace as long as they are PINK! Threaded on strong pink elastic cord , this necklace is pretty and durable.

Kids necklace fruity

Tutti Fruity

Tutti Fruity is a rather more delicate necklace. Featuring 9 different types of fruit , all strung together with sparkly bright coloured acrylic beads on fine but strong elastic thread. The large wooden strawberry dangles from a pretty diamante decorated silver coloured fixing. Featuring four silver coloured sweets along with the fruit, this necklace is almost sweet enough to eat. Don’t! It’s not edible.

Finally, I’m bringing crochet back into the mix now and adding crochet elements to my necklaces. Here is the Magic Rainbow one.

Rainbow necklace for girls

Here we have a bright crocheted rainbow with real crystal raindrops and two sparkly pale blue sequins. The rest of the necklace is formed from gorgeous chunky rainbow cubes that are interspersed with rainbow sheen acrylic beads in bright colours and alternated with pretty pastel butterflies. How delightful!

I love rainbows. I once stood at the end of  a rainbow as it plunged into the shallow waters on the bank of a Swedish lake. I searched for the pot of gold but it eluded me. I think the fairies had already taken it.


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Necklaces for Kids or the Young at Heart.

I’ve been taking a break from crochet recently and have stepped sideways into making beaded jewelry. I shall possibly include some crochet in time, but for now here are my latest creations.


My granddaughter modelling the magic necklace.

Bracelets with messages.

The pirate necklace modelled.

This is brand new for me. Would love any feedback /comments. Which are your favourite?

Necklaces cost from £7 plus p+p.

All handmade, all one of a kind.

Order via my Facebook page