I’m Diane, for the last 24 years, mostly known as Diane of Diane’s Puppets but now I’m finally able to wear the ( rather grand) title of artist.

I started off making soft sculptures , then discovered crochet and spent a fun year crocheting cats and other creatures for people. I made a few hats and shoes and fun things for babies too, I also made some rather interesting dollies for grown ups. But that is then, at the minute I’m focusing on art, more specifically wearable art.

I make hand painted garments and bags and have recently had the opportunity to make garments for the very fabulous outsider artist and Fabulous Fashionista , Sue Kreitzman and she keeps me very busy ( and very happy). I do sometimes have time to make things for others too. I’m currently making capes. Yes you heard right. I think capes are the future.

Thanks for stopping by. My whole making history is found in these blog posts, from the soft sculptures all the way through to Sue’s coats via quite a few crochet cats.  So do have fun.

I get many requests for patterns for the cats and dogs that I have crocheted. Sorry, but I just make them up as I go along , there are no patterns involved.




4 responses to “About

  1. You are a very talented person!!!! I love your wearable art. Gorgeous!

  2. We love your designs – so beautiful. We are DaisyBrains.com – a brain fitness website for women – we came across your site and wanted to say hello and tell you how beautiful your work is. Kind regards, Claire

  3. how do you make the kitty ?

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