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Love me two times or maybe even three ?

Cushions that could  have come straight out of the psychedelic 60′s

Yes I know that video is in black and white, but boy can you just hear the psychedelic colours coming at you as you listen? I know I can and I have never licked any cute coloured stamps.

After watching these performances and others recently on the television of the Doors European tour in 1968 ( I was 4!) I was struck by the sheer creativity, inventiveness and freedom that musicians displayed then. Now because of all sorts of reasons ( many being commercial) we are restricted to what we can hear on mainstream media, unlike back in those heady years of early black and white telly. Of course, the Internet should allow for us to find such creative musical expressionists, but why am I still so excited at the sheer energy of watching Jim Morrison and the wonderful Ray Manzarek on keyboards, his head wiggling as he played , his body perfectly still and his long skeletal fingers working musical magic on the keys? I could wax lyrical about how impressed I was , but I won’t.

Back to crochet.

Bright colours were the order of the day in the 60′s . I remember my early childhood.: our bathroom was lilac and the ceiling was painted blood red. Our living room was a temple to purple , teamed with rich chocolate brown.

I’m still clearly influenced by those colour choices even today. I can’t help myself , colour makes me happy. Many people comment on my use of colour. I don’t see anything special about it, until I try to find other stuff with colours I like and then end up making it myself.

Like these cushions:

I call them the Light My Fire cushions after the lovely Mr Morrison’s song that the Beeb tried to ban because he mentioned ( shock horror) Girl you couldn’t get much HIGHER.  I feel they really reflect the spirit of the 60′s and psychedelia .

I used the granny square motif because of it’s real retro 60′s/70′s hippy feel and used three coordinating styles rather than matching: 9 small squares edged in black,

4 squares edged in black

and then one large gradated colour square , also edged in black.

All three of the cushions are lined and backed in modern crisp black cotton and fastened at the top with mix and match shiny gold buttons for that added bling factor.

I’m rather in love with these babies, but they could be yours.

They cost £15 each , including the cushion pad, which I think represents fantastic value for money for a completely handmade unique item.

You can buy the full set of three for £45 and the postage will come free.

Remember, these cushions aren’t for the feint hearted. They are bright. Probably even brighter than these photographs can even portray. But if you have a minimalist interior that could do with statement cushions, eh voila!

Or , if like me, you just like to cram as much colour into your life as possible, then you won’t need any persuading.

Available through my facebook page for now , later through my Folksy shop

As always, I intend to keep to my mission of keeping it Bright and Beautiful at Crochet Bright and Beautiful.

This time I think I’ve more than met my mark.




Wow, my blog gets props! So exciting!

Originally posted on Hooked By Me:

The Dolce and Gabbana’s Miss Sicily crocheted bag has received mixed reactions on

I’m not usually a big ‘granny square’ fan but I do like the black with bright colour combination – like the bag made on this post.

Personally, I’m not sure about the other patterns that the Miss Sicily has been combined with, I think they clash and give it the dated look which perhaps is what they’ve gone for. I think if the rest of the bag was black, or solid colours it would make it look more modern.

Maybe I will make a similar styled bag myself?!

What are your thoughts on this bag and ‘granny squares’ in general?

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Pink Rosebud Beanie

Here’s another beanie.

pink rose beanie hat

Pink rosebud beanie

I couldn’t resist the pink again. Sigh. What am I like?

This hat would fit children from around 3 years and would stretch to fit an adult.

pretty pink rose crochet hat

View from the top

Side view showing rose detail

This pretty hat costs just £10 and is available direct to order through my facebook page Crochet Bright and Beautiful ( pay via Paypal)

or I shall be listing it soon on my folksy shop ( link below)

Crochet Bright & Beautiful

A Fairy Lovely Gift

A place to put those precious teeth

And no, I’m not talking about a glass by the side of the bed for the dentures!

I’m talking about those first precious teeth that fall out and are stored under the pillow for the tooth fairy to replace with money. What is the going rate these days? In my day it was 5p but then I am rather old ( born in the Year of the Dragon) . I’ve asked my little birthday party clients and they tell me it is now at least a pound. With the invention of the £2 coin, I bet the tooth fairy is fairly generous in some establishments.

Sometimes the tooth fairy finds it really hard to find those tiny teeth . I know she/he is magical and has superpowers but I’ve experienced times firsthand when I was a child when the tooth fairy couldn’t find a tooth and I missed out on my money. I worked hard on pulling out that tooth, I really deserved remuneration. It’s mentally scarred me, clearly.

The solution

I’ve come up with the cutest solution for lost fairy teeth: a squishy tooth box that can also double up as a pincushion for mummy once those big teeth are firmly in place and the tooth fairy moves on to younger mouths. Fairy mushroom pincushion tooth fairy box

Of course it features crochet. I mean, what else would it be? I’ve made a magical crochet fairy mushroom with a butterfly or bumble bee resting on top.bumble bee tooth fairy box pincushion crochet

Bumble bee tooth fairy box pincushion crochet gift

Crochet mushroom butterfly tooth box gift pincushionCrochet tooth box butterfly pincushion gift Open up the mushroom cap to reveal a glittery inner that is just big enough to hold a few teeth and a £2 coin or two safely. Crochet pincushion tooth box gift butterflyIt’s even robust enough to fit under the pillow should you not want to break with tradition, but I think it would really please the tooth fairy to find it displayed next to the bed. Indeed it is pretty enough to serve as just decoration.

The box itself is a very sturdy card and the top is a crochet cushion. I’ve put a circle of green felt on the bottom to finish it off nicely.

Fairy mushroom toadstool pincushion tooth fairy boxFor no extra charge, I’d be happy to personalise these precious containers with the name of the owner of the baby teeth.

I’m soon to upload them to my folksy shop if you would like to buy one. They will cost £9 + post and packaging.

TA DA! My first Market stall in full technicolour


You may have to crank your head to the side in parts, apologies! But I thought I’d let you have a peek at what I’ve been up to. I’ve been busy , hence the hiatus. I’ll be back soon with lots of new stuff and updates.


Today I have been mostly making…

Hello Kitty style toddler hat

Chunky cute ladybird beanie

Under water crib mobile

Starfish detail

Seahorse detail

Mermaid detail

It’s all go here. Busy busy making for the upcoming craft stall.

Pug puppy and fairy are calling… Must dash!

Granny’s In the Pink

A new granny square cushion.

It’s shades of pink and chocolate.


Pretty cushion.

Detail of granny squares

Some think granny squares are fuddy duddy and old fashioned.

Not me.

I just think they’re a wonderful way of combining colour. I see granny squares as yarn mosaic.

A snuggle of cushions

So what is the collective term for a bunch of cushions on your sofa?

Surely it’s a snuggle?

I’ve made a new one to add to my collection. This one is crocheted in natural cottons in shades of brown, purple, pink, red and green in simple stripes and fastened off with three purple buttons.

New cushion in the sun

Button fasten detail

The snuggle

I think the new one is definitely a gentleman. Those stripes are handsome rather than pretty don’t you think?

Or have I just lost it?

Silent Sunday


Hats Off To My New Shop!

Well I’ve spent all day taking photos and uploading and writing descriptions and finally, FINALLY I’m just about done . I’ve got a new shop at Folksy. It’s called

Crochet Bright and Beautiful

and it’s looking rather lovely, if I do say so myself.

Here are some of the things on offer.

There are earflap hats for babies:

Hats with rainbows

Rainbow daisy baby hat

Hats that are toadstools

Toadstool daisy baby hat

Hats with dots and a Swedish flavour:

Swedish bobble earflap hat

Kids hats with a twinkle

Star hat

and beanies galore:

Cute and bright beanies, who needs pink?

Well, sometimes you gotta have a pink hat.

Granny made me wear this. Am I cute or what?

Everyone loves ladybirds, don't they?

Hats for bigger kids too, or even for grown up’s…

pink and orange hatsblue and purple hats

and even baby fascinator hats …well,  alright, headbands. But they are gorgeous.

Who can resist one of these ?

A flower for a fairy

and for the tiniest of babies, there are single dainty cotton daisies.

When you're really small, you need something delicate.

So is it just hats?

Hats just the beginning. ( Groan).

There are shoes. And dolls and crocheted rubber ducks.

That’s for another time.

Hats the way to do it!

Okay, I’ll stop now.