Flower Fairy cuteness

I’m still beavering on, crocheting items for my upcoming Xmas Craft stall at Morley College.

I know, these darlings are labour intensive and really you can’t charge what they are really worth in man ( woman in my case) hours, but I so love bringing these magical creatures to life.

The pattern is based on the wonderful work of Beth Webber ( she of the muse status in my previous doggy amigurumi posts.) A fabulous photo tutorial for making this fairy doll with her moveable head is available here

The blue haired one is rather punky and funky with her textured dreads and curls and far out eyes. She wears green boots and a flower tutu.

Cute crochet flower fairy blue hair

Funky flower fairy

She's so sweet

She looks like she’d have a kick-ass attitude. I like that in a fairy.

Her sister sprite is a little more delicate with her long legs and green fluffy hair.

Pretty gorgeous

Beautiful crochet flower fairy

Flower fairy loveliness

I'd make a wonderful gift for a special person

Well, I’m off now to start something new.

So many things to crochet, so little time!


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