A Fairy Lovely Gift

A place to put those precious teeth

And no, I’m not talking about a glass by the side of the bed for the dentures!

I’m talking about those first precious teeth that fall out and are stored under the pillow for the tooth fairy to replace with money. What is the going rate these days? In my day it was 5p but then I am rather old ( born in the Year of the Dragon) . I’ve asked my little birthday party clients and they tell me it is now at least a pound. With the invention of the £2 coin, I bet the tooth fairy is fairly generous in some establishments.

Sometimes the tooth fairy finds it really hard to find those tiny teeth . I know she/he is magical and has superpowers but I’ve experienced times firsthand when I was a child when the tooth fairy couldn’t find a tooth and I missed out on my money. I worked hard on pulling out that tooth, I really deserved remuneration. It’s mentally scarred me, clearly.

The solution

I’ve come up with the cutest solution for lost fairy teeth: a squishy tooth box that can also double up as a pincushion for mummy once those big teeth are firmly in place and the tooth fairy moves on to younger mouths. Fairy mushroom pincushion tooth fairy box

Of course it features crochet. I mean, what else would it be? I’ve made a magical crochet fairy mushroom with a butterfly or bumble bee resting on top.bumble bee tooth fairy box pincushion crochet

Bumble bee tooth fairy box pincushion crochet gift

Crochet mushroom butterfly tooth box gift pincushionCrochet tooth box butterfly pincushion gift Open up the mushroom cap to reveal a glittery inner that is just big enough to hold a few teeth and a £2 coin or two safely. Crochet pincushion tooth box gift butterflyIt’s even robust enough to fit under the pillow should you not want to break with tradition, but I think it would really please the tooth fairy to find it displayed next to the bed. Indeed it is pretty enough to serve as just decoration.

The box itself is a very sturdy card and the top is a crochet cushion. I’ve put a circle of green felt on the bottom to finish it off nicely.

Fairy mushroom toadstool pincushion tooth fairy boxFor no extra charge, I’d be happy to personalise these precious containers with the name of the owner of the baby teeth.

I’m soon to upload them to my folksy shop if you would like to buy one. They will cost £9 + post and packaging.


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