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Mr Lonely Boy : Pug number three

I’ve made a few collectibles over the past year but none so popular as the pug.

So far I’ve made three versions of this oh so cute puppy.

Here they are all together:

The first pug with his big doleful eyes

Poppy Pug number 2. She’s found a new owner already.

And this is my latest pug, Mr Lonely boy.

I think he is really cute with his chunky body, big head and low set eyes for added cute factor.

He sits so patiently

Back view

He just wants someone to love him.

Sitting back so you can see his paddy paws

I love that all the pugs are individuals, just as in real life. Isn’t that the beauty of hand made?

I’m sure this little lonely boy won’t be lonely for long. They’re usually the first puppies in the home to find a new loving owner.

Like all my collectibles, he is approximately 9 inches high , comes packed his own dinky white box and costs £20. ( plus p+p).

You can find him on my facebook page CROCHET BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL

or he will soon be added to my Folksy shop 

if he doesn’t go first.

I make all my puppies and kitties up as I go along, I’m not great with patterns. Now I’ve had some experience with crochet, I love the freedom of freeform crochet.

But if you are looking for inspiration and great patterns for dolls and cats and dogs, look no further than the wonderful Beth Webber who’s blog By Hook By Hand is an absolute treasure trove of patterns and who is my first inspiration on my journey for making my collectibles.


Puppy Collectible : Roddy the Rottweiler

I’m trying to vary what I make just to keep things even and fresh. So after last weeks kittens and a very cute fairy , I decided to make another puppy.

I’ve just sold Desmond the Basset Hound

to a lovely lady in Sugarland, Texas via my Folksy shop. It’s so exciting when people buy things; amazing the power of the Internet to make  our huge globe so tiny! Well now I only have Boris the Bulldog

crochet bulldog puppy


and Lottie the Labrador

and Dotty the Dalmation

Cute crochet dalmation puppy


left. I needed another puppy in my stock so I decided to make one of my favourite dogs: a Rottweiler.

Yes I know they have a bad reputation and can be terribly dangerous, but I firmly believe that dogs are as dangerous as their owners. I owned the most wonderful Labrador /Rotty cross a few years ago and he was a perfect dog. Sadly he had terrible epilepsy and we had to help him go to sleep after 9 fits in one evening took it out of him. He was only 3 years old. Sleep well Tiny dog.

So here is Roddy the Rottweiler Puppy. He is made from glossy black cotton yarn and rusty brown acrylic.

Roddy the cutest Rotty

I think he’s a darling. He’s 9 inches high like all my other puppy collectibles and comes packaged in his own dinky white box.

All my collectibles cost £20 ( plus p+p) and would make a very special unique gift for someone who has everything.

Please note these creations are not sold as toys due to their handmade nature and are suitable for decoration purposes/ older children only.

Find him here on my Facebook page and soon he will be listed in my Folksy shop.: Crochet Bright and Beautiful

Princess the Stargazer Tabby Crochet Cat

What did I do when I declared I really wasn’t inspired by cats those few months ago?

I now can’t stop making them! Worse than that, each cat I make, I seem to become just a little bit more obsessed with in the making process.

You can almost see the progress at work when I line them up. Here is the latest kitten line up:

Can you spot the Stargazer amongst the other kittens?

Princess the Stargazer Tabby is my favourite kitty to date. She’s a tabby cat with really subtle markings and a fluffy white chest, paws and ear tips. She’s fascinated with the stars and gazes upwards to find the magical shooting star.

Around her neck is a pretty pink grosgrain ribbon and on the ribbon  is a charm bearing her name : Princess.

Look at her little face:

So sweet!

She’s even cute from behind.

Made from three shades of light brown mohair , Princess has amazing attention to detail.

Where is that shooting star?

From her little pink pads on her paws, pink inner ears and tiny pink lip, no detail is left undone. She even has the cutest whiskers .


Princess is a collectible not a toy and is suitable for older children as a decoration or a best friend. She will not withstand rough play due to her hand made nature. She is a kitten after all, all babies need to be treated gently.

She comes packaged in her own dinky white box and is a one off, original and entirely unique kitten. No two of my collectibles are ever alike.

She is 9″ high and sits unaided.

Available from my facebook page CrochetBrightandBeautiful.

Check out my collectibles album for more of my handmade cuties, including puppies and fairies.

If you like my work, please spread the word! I’d love it if you could ‘Like’ my facebook page if you haven’t already.


Time to make a few fairies and puppies . I think the litter of kittens is big enough for now.



Misty the naughty crochet kitten

Here’s the latest kitty to join the Crochet Bright and Beautiful litter.



Her name is Misty and she’s a grey Persian . Don’t let that cute face fool you, she’s quite the character. She will be that kitty to present you with a little dead mouse in your slipper in the morning because she loves you sooo much.

Just look at that sweet profile, that cute upturned nose and big blue eyes: butter wouldn’t melt huh? Well did you spot that really curly tail, shaped like a question mark, curiouser and curiouser ?

But when the adventures of the day are over, all Misty wants ( apart from dinner) is a nice lap to snuggle down on and someone to stroke her fluffy fur.

Could that be you?


If you want to give Misty a home, she costs £20 ( plus p+p) and comes in her own dinky white box. She measures 9″ from the tip of her toes to the tip on her pointy ear.

Find her over on Crochet Bright and Beautiful’s Facebook page. Like the page and leave me a message under the photo and I shall get back to you.

Eww… what is that on the floor?


Crazy about Crochet Cats

It’s funny isn’t it how time can change things? A while ago I wrote this blog post where I was very unsure about my feelings towards making crochet cats. I’ve always been a dog person so making cute puppies was a natural thing for me to do, but cats? Hmmm.

Well, after discovering mohair and the joy of fluffiness I’m totally converted. So much so that the puppies have taken a back seat for now while I work on my litter of cute crochet kittens.

Here are my latest  pair: Twinkle and Sparkle.

crochet kittens

Sparkle is the white one, Twinkle is the black and white one.

They’re made from fluffy mohair that has tiny sequins in the thread. What an irresistible combination of fluffy and sparkly. Add a bit of ‘bling’ and a flower and bow and I’m bowled over with the impact of the cuteness. Both kitties have enormous attention to detail, having whiskers, eyelids, curly tails  and pink pads on the bottom of their cute paws and pink embroidered inside their ears. They are dinky in size, measuring just 9 inches from tip of the toes to the tip of the pointy ears.

Due to their handmade nature they are sold as collectibles only, suitable for careful ownership of an older child /adult. They do not withstand rough play. They are delicate kittens after all.

Here are some other pictures of the cute couple.

white crochet kitten

Black and white cute crochet kitten

White cute crochet kitten

So , it’s official I’m a crochet cat lover. Now I’m rather addicted to sourcing mohair to make the rest of the litter.

If you like my crochet and you are on Facebook, please head over to my facebook page CROCHETBRIGHTANDBEAUTIFUL and tick that like box! Pretty please!

Naughty Fire Fairy!

The naughty ones are the cutest …


Here’s my latest creation, inspired by the flowers that I picked up from the £1 shop. They were bright yellow and orange roses. They immediately shouted FLAMES to me.

She’s adorable don’t you think?

Crochet fairy

Introducing my brand new teacup Fire Fairy

She’s really dainty and dinky, measuring a mere 8 inches /20cm in length. She fits into a teacup, but she’d rather climb out and go and cause trouble…

Cute crochet fairy

Climbing out the teacup , off to find some naughtiness.

Although she has safety eyes and there is nothing sharp about her, she is a collectible rather than a toy due to her handmade nature. She’d make a very lovely friend for an older child .


She has a sparkly crystal effect necklace in fiery colours and a little silver love heart that says Made With Love. Because she was.

Crochet fairy in teacup

Chilling in her cup.

She has glittery pink and black wings, her legs and arms are pose-able and she has a crocheted flame skirt. Her hair is wild, like flames made of a deep red shimmering yarn and a bright orange flecked yarn.

Flying off for new adventures

She comes packed in her very own white box and can even be purchased with the teacup should you wish.

Cute fairy in box

Ready to leave home.

She costs just £25 plus p+p and is available either via my crochet Facebook page

Crochetbrightandbeautiful on Facebook


or in my Folksy shop:

CrochetBrightandBeautiful on Folksy

I love you!


Brand New Fairy Hippie Chicks

Flo and Lulu Festival Fairies

Presenting the coolest Fairies on the block : Flo and Lulu.

Festival Flower fairy crochet collectible

Here's funky Flo with her neon welly boots

Crochet fairy purple hair collectible

Here's lovely Lulu and her stripey tights.

They are best of friends and love nothing more than dancing to the latest tunes and wiggling their wands and wings and stomping their fluffy pink welly boots in time to the beat. Both lovely fairies have the best hair do’s around; Flo has great grey and pink braids that are beaded and Lulu has vibrant purple high pony tails that are festooned with feathers.

Isn't she pretty?

Flo tucked up in her box.

Both fairies are not toys despite having safety eyes; they are collectibles suitable for the older child.

Available on my facebook page  

These lovely fairies cost £25 and come packed in their own dinky white box . They are totally unique creations, no other fairy like them exist.

Doggy cuteness

Here’s my latest little crochet puppy: a silver lab .

Crochet puppy grey cute


He’s ready for walkies.

Cute crochet grey puppy

Take me for a walk please!

Crochet puppy grey cute

I've got a waggy tail.

Did someone whistle?

Look at my medallion.

I really find it rewarding making these lovely puppies. They’re all soon to be listed on my folksy website .

All dogs come in their own little white box and cost £15 plus p+p. I think they’d make a very special gift for any dog lover.



Cute kitty crochet cat

After feedback from customers at my very first market stall  

I thought I’d make a cat in the same way as my very popular puppies.

Here is my first kitty:

black cat crochet collectible cute amigurumi

So, what do you think?

I find it  hard to judge, because I’m a dog person. Cats don’t really do it for me. So I don’t have the same emotional response to this kitty as I do for my puppies, but I know there are cat people out there. Are you one? If you are, what do you think?