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Welcome to the World Wide Web ! iheartcart.com is live.

Hooray! I’ve finally done it.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of the brand new designer , build-a-bag, wearable art, handbag art extravaganza website , iheartcart.com.

It’s been an  interesting process, as in the search for relevant key words for SEO ( search engine optimisation) I’ve realised that maybe I’ve created a product that is fairly unique. There aren’t any keywords that pop up in the key word finder that can possibly describe what I’ve created. It seems that turning paintings into handbags may be a fairly unusual concept. Maybe for a reason… maybe I’m crazy ? Who knows. All I know is I’m so excited to follow my passion. I’m going with the flow and making these bags feels so right. Whether it is a small evening purse that has poetry embroidered into it like the Lady of Shalott bag Ladybag10and an image on the front

Ladybag6or a Harris Tweed evening clutch purse with a vintage postcard image crafted in graffiti style HT9or another evening purse bag , this time with the fearful Medusa image from Caravaggio.


Or if it is a large bag that you are after, a big statement , well there is no bigger statement than a tote. Especially a tote bag with a Gustav Klimt image on the front. Klimt3 Klimt4 Klimt5 Klimt6 Klimt8 Klimt9

So if you are a fan of art, are looking for something completely unique to make a unique statement, looking for a bag like no other, then pop over and see the new website www.iheartcart.com



A Behemoth of a Beauty : Scarf Commission

Inspired by Catwalk trends

Here is the completed scarf that I was working on. She’s a beauty.

She’s big and long and so pretty.

Close up of the jewel-bright colours

She will make a BIG statement.

Granny Square scarf

So many beautiful colours


It turns out that I had the wrong contact telephone number for this client, so when I tried to send her a quote it didn’t get to her. So this bag was the result from the initial squares that I had made. Buy on Folksy here.

Black and bright granny square tote bag

Large Granny square tote bag, she’s a beauty.

Luckily , my client called me and confirmed that she did indeed want the scarf so I started over. It took a few days but I got there in the end. As anyone who makes granny squares , it’s not the making of the squares that is the time consumer, but the weaving in of loose ends and the joining that really takes the time.

But I’m really proud of the Behemoth.

My client loves her too, judging by the squealing on the phone after I sent her these pictures. 🙂

I look forward to handing the Behemoth over on Saturday.

It’s good to make people happy.




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