A Behemoth of a Beauty : Scarf Commission

Inspired by Catwalk trends

Here is the completed scarf that I was working on. She’s a beauty.

She’s big and long and so pretty.

Close up of the jewel-bright colours

She will make a BIG statement.

Granny Square scarf

So many beautiful colours


It turns out that I had the wrong contact telephone number for this client, so when I tried to send her a quote it didn’t get to her. So this bag was the result from the initial squares that I had made. Buy on Folksy here.

Black and bright granny square tote bag

Large Granny square tote bag, she’s a beauty.

Luckily , my client called me and confirmed that she did indeed want the scarf so I started over. It took a few days but I got there in the end. As anyone who makes granny squares , it’s not the making of the squares that is the time consumer, but the weaving in of loose ends and the joining that really takes the time.

But I’m really proud of the Behemoth.

My client loves her too, judging by the squealing on the phone after I sent her these pictures. 🙂

I look forward to handing the Behemoth over on Saturday.

It’s good to make people happy.





2 responses to “A Behemoth of a Beauty : Scarf Commission

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  2. Suzanne Elliott

    I am so pleased to read your post.
    It’s just like a Mills & Boon novel.
    You’ve had some one fall in love with your stuff and want a scarf. Misunderstanding, with the phone number.
    Then,…Whoop, whoop a happy ending.
    Hugs and many smiles ❤

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