Busy Making, Selling and Growing the Brand

Wow, how busy I’ve been .

In the last few weeks since I last posted ( yep, sorry for that, time just flies past) I’ve made lots, sold lots and made some more. I’ve sold at a market stall, a local event and a NCT Nearly New Sale and through my facebook page.

Here’s my stall at Brixton Makers Market,  through the heady smoke of Jerk Chicken that flavours that particular part of the world ( I’m a local lass, so I love it).

The stall grows in size every time

I met loads of great local people and seriously felt the love. I sold a few bits too!

Then there was the Croydon St Georges Day event . That was a splendid day, held in Croydon Old Town to bring back a more positive vibe to the area after the horrid riots . It was a wonderful affair, with the Pearly King and Queen and two rather smart gentlemen called Felix and Felix  who rode around on their penny farthings what what what.

Me and my darling granddaughter

My granddaughter did a sterling job of modelling my tiger hat. She was rewarded by keeping it . ( Well, I tried to take it back… )She loves being a ” Rarrr” as you can see.

Granny can growl with the best of them!

The day after the Croydon event  I held a stall at the local NCT Nearly New Sale.

Crochet Bright and Beautiful hits Vauxhall

It was an interesting affair, I’m not sure that putting hand made crafts in the middle of what is intrinsically a jumble sale ( albeit good quality jumble) is terribly good business sense. But it was worth a try, and to be fair, I did get lots of admirers, gave out loads of cards and sold a few bits. So it wasn’t a waste of time. ( My granddaughter did fairly well out of it too, I came back with more stuff than I went with… )

So my next plan of action is Spitalfields Market. I hope to trade there soonish.

In the meantime I’ve been making some more stuff:

Vintage style cherry brooch

Ladybird necklace

Granny square scarf

Crochet rings

My persian cat

Lulu collectible fairy

Coral pink mohair boots

Magic wishing necklace

Poppy Pug number 2. She's found a new owner already.

Super funky furry shaggy hot pink boots ( with bows)

Pitbull number 3, she's gone to her new owner.

So, I’m off to , you’ve guessed it, crochet!






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