Necklaces for Kids or the Young at Heart.

I’ve been taking a break from crochet recently and have stepped sideways into making beaded jewelry. I shall possibly include some crochet in time, but for now here are my latest creations.


My granddaughter modelling the magic necklace.

Bracelets with messages.

The pirate necklace modelled.

This is brand new for me. Would love any feedback /comments. Which are your favourite?

Necklaces cost from £7 plus p+p.

All handmade, all one of a kind.

Order via my Facebook page






10 responses to “Necklaces for Kids or the Young at Heart.

  1. twinkletoes2day

    OMGoodness these are adorable Diane! 😀 I lOve them so much! 😀 Wish I had wee girls to buy for I tell ya…(well there maybe come November, hehe). BUT I do like…………will message you on facebook 😉

  2. They are lovely. My favourite is the star and the fairy one as I like the idea of girly girls (I don’t have any myself but they are the ones I would choose for my neices). I like that they are all colourful. The later ones are probably spot on for the slightly older audience! Well done. 🙂

  3. So pretty & colourful!

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