Wear flowers with pride

Here in the UK it seems that Summer has been kidnapped and we’ve been given lots of rain in it’s place.

Even so, nature has still carried on regardless and I’ve been struck by how many beautiful flowers have continued to blossom despite being pelted by almost incessant rain.

Inspired by many of these flowers, I created this hat.

White cotton with pretty floral decoration

Look how pretty this looks on!

Detail of the floral decoration.

I’ve rather fallen in love with this crocheted hat. I may just keep it.

I don’t usually wear feminine hats to be honest. I’ve been known to wear a fedora or two though… strange woman that I am. Maybe this time I shall make an exception and wear flowers on my head with pride.

Or maybe I will sell it .



4 responses to “Wear flowers with pride

  1. I think it’s gorgeous, you should definately keep it to wear! A Fedora? Oh my goodness how fabulous!! I wish I could pull one of those off 🙂

    • Thanks Fran.:) Whether I pulled off the Fedora wearing is another matter. I wore them anyway. In fact, I bought one at 16 with my very first pay packet! Then I went to the circus wearing it ( and my step dad’s suit… don’t ask, I was a weird one – was? Still am!) and the clown asked to swap hats at interval. He wore my hat for the rest of the performance. What am I doing? This isn’t a response, this is a blog post!

  2. You are woman after my heart! I love fedoras as well, but an occasional burst of floral femininity mixes things up rather nicely! Enjoy wearing it or selling it. It will make a fashion statement on anyone! 🙂

  3. I love this. A bit of summer whether or not the weather decides to oblige us!

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