Cute new shoes for cute new feet

Time to make more shoes

I’m leaving hats for now and turning my attention back to making crochet shoes for babies .

They are just so adorable, being so small, they have instant cute factor. I’m trying to make some shoes that aren’t just for girls. The temptation to make pairs of shoes festooned with butterflies and flowers is almost overwhelming but I think that cute little baby boys deserve my attention as well.

So here are two new pairs of t bar booties that are suitable for boys or girls .

t bar crochet booties for babies

Cute boots for babies.

This pair although they look pink in the picture are more of a lilac/grey , hard to capture the true colour on camera.

How sweet!

Well, maybe they’re still more suitable for girls… here is another pair that are a nice rich deep maroon. I’m going to be making plenty of others in lots of different colours all decorated with buttons.

Lovely red feet. Cute as a button.

They would fit from newborn up to 6 months as they are quite soft and stretchy and the t-bar element holds them nice and snugly on the foot.


Here’s a larger pair that I made with chunky yarn that will fit up to two years old. I think they’re totally adorable.

Toddler crochet slippers strawberry

Strawberries and cream

So cute,they make me wish I had someone to give them to.

Button detail.

Available either from my facebook page Crochet Bright and Beautiful ( payment via Paypal)

or will soon be listed in my folksy shop

Crochet Bright and Beautiful

I’ve got a few market stalls coming up in the next few months in the Lambeth area, so I’m off to make some more.

Come back and see what I’ve made next!



5 responses to “Cute new shoes for cute new feet

  1. twinkletoes2day

    These are completely mega cute šŸ˜€ I too wish I had someone to give them to šŸ˜‰ You’re very talented šŸ™‚

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