Introducing Daisy Roots boots

Inspired by the popularity of my ‘Fresh as a Daisy’ mary jane style baby slippers range, I’ve started on a range of tiny  crochet

boots for babies : Daisy Roots .

The name is cockney rhyming slang for boots, which is very useful! Plus I’m very

likely to continue adorning these adorable baby booties with crochet daisies.

Here are the first two in the range: Daisy Roots sugar pink  and Daisy Roots Primrose Yellow.

Pretty pink with daisies, butterflies and roses.

Prettily packaged in a sweet white box

Pretty pink feminine boots

Butterfly close up

Primrose yellow , soft and summery

Pretty fresh boots for dainty baby feet

Primrose yellow with contrasting mustard soles

All the boots in the range fit from newborn up to around 6months ( they are fairly stretchy) and cost £12 +p &p.

Available either from my Crochet Facebook page 

or will soon be listed in my Folksy shop

Packed in a cute white shoe box with tissue insert, they would make a perfect gift for any new baby.

( Boy range to follow)


2 responses to “Introducing Daisy Roots boots

  1. These are beautiful!

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