Crochet Pixie Hats

Hand made Pixie Hats: A perfect gift for that special little someone

I’ve been making a few hats with infant boys in mind since I’ve had requests from people , following my Xmas Eve stall at the Brixton Makers market.  I’m still keeping to the fairyland theme but giving it a pixie spin. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit fed up of the emphasis on gendering things for kids. I’d rather make stuff that both boys or girls can wear; especially during those early years, surely? So I’ve come up with a cute striped pixie style hat adorned with cute appliques. So far I’ve done one in blue stripe and one in purple fluffy stripe. Both of them look adorable on; my granddaughter looks delightful in both just proving that cute is not gender specific!

dragon-fly pixie hat


dragonfly detail

frog pixie hat

frog hat detail

Frog detail

The hats are modelled by one of my very strange soft sculptures , they look far better on real children! They fit ages 0-12 months ( depending on how big your head is of course, but they are stretchy.)


I’m going to be doing a whole range of colours and creature details, when I’m done they’ll be listed in my folksy shop and be available for purchase. They will cost £12 +pnp.

I’ll be back to show you the rest as I make them.

Ta ta for now!


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