Paint the whole world with a Rainbow!

I loved Rainbow. The classic telly program featuring Zippy, George and Bungle( and of course , Geoffrey,Rod, Jane and Freddy.)

I have to profess a preference for Zippy and George. I loved Zippy’s cheek and slightly arrogant character. His confidence was charming and he was decidedly edgy in comfortable Kids telly land. George was just sweet. Who could possibly resist a ( camp)pink Hippo? Certainly not me.

I can’t say the same for Bungle. There was something decidedly dodgy about that bear. I never liked his tiny face in his big brown head and I found him whiny, annoying and just a little bit creepy.( Sorry, am I over investing in this imaginary character that was clearly just a man in a bear suit? ) Aha! That’s what it is, he was a man in a suit, Zippy and George were real, albeit real puppets.

Bungle was just a man in a bear suit.( Keep repeating that to yourself Diane)

I’m glad I’ve cleared that up for myself there.

So, I made a finger puppet set of Rainbow. I’m really proud of how they turned out. Of course I made them in order of preference: Zippy first, followed by George, the Rainbow and then reluctantly…. ( shivers) creepy Bungle.

My Rainbow finger puppets

I did think about including Geoffrey and Rod, Jane and Freddy but I’m not too sure I’d do them justice. ( and what did Rod and Freddy actually look like? )So I left it at the puppets plus the creepy man in a bear suit.



One response to “Paint the whole world with a Rainbow!

  1. Amazing I absolutely love them. I have a small collection of Zippy bears he’s also my favourite! Such a talented lady Diane they’re brilliant. x

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