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Princess the Stargazer Tabby Crochet Cat

What did I do when I declared I really wasn’t inspired by cats those few months ago?

I now can’t stop making them! Worse than that, each cat I make, I seem to become just a little bit more obsessed with in the making process.

You can almost see the progress at work when I line them up. Here is the latest kitten line up:

Can you spot the Stargazer amongst the other kittens?

Princess the Stargazer Tabby is my favourite kitty to date. She’s a tabby cat with really subtle markings and a fluffy white chest, paws and ear tips. She’s fascinated with the stars and gazes upwards to find the magical shooting star.

Around her neck is a pretty pink grosgrain ribbon and on the ribbon  is a charm bearing her name : Princess.

Look at her little face:

So sweet!

She’s even cute from behind.

Made from three shades of light brown mohair , Princess has amazing attention to detail.

Where is that shooting star?

From her little pink pads on her paws, pink inner ears and tiny pink lip, no detail is left undone. She even has the cutest whiskers .


Princess is a collectible not a toy and is suitable for older children as a decoration or a best friend. She will not withstand rough play due to her hand made nature. She is a kitten after all, all babies need to be treated gently.

She comes packaged in her own dinky white box and is a one off, original and entirely unique kitten. No two of my collectibles are ever alike.

She is 9″ high and sits unaided.

Available from my facebook page CrochetBrightandBeautiful.

Check out my collectibles album for more of my handmade cuties, including puppies and fairies.

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Time to make a few fairies and puppies . I think the litter of kittens is big enough for now.