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An Angel Kitten for an Artistic Bird

My latest kitten is rather special.

She is a gift for artist friend John Lee Bird who I spoke about in my previous post. His very closest companion, friend and muse, Ferret the cat sadly passed away suddenly recently. I don’t even have the heart to ask what happened, it’s all too raw.

Since I’ve been making crocheted cats for a while, I thought it only fitting to make a special one for John.

Look at this wonderful creature. I tried my hardest to recreate her using the materials I had . It was an honest struggle. It was hard to recapture her exact colouring, but I gave it a go. While I don’t think I’ve got an exact likeness ( not really going to happen with a  crochet caricature ) but I think I’ve captured something of her spirit.

So here are  few pictures of my tribute to Ferret.

John is a wonderful artist and human being who makes his living by making art . You can help him keep creating beautiful things for the world by sponsoring him by buying something beautiful here

I just bought this gorgeous tote bag

Wearable art

Isn’t it pretty? Buying this piece helps John put on his exhibitions that keep art alive in our pretty dull world.

So what are you waiting for, go and have a look at what he has to offer.

In the mean time I’ll tuck little crochet Ferret up in her box and get her ready for delivery.