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Batcat, Robin and the Crochet Caped Crusaders

I’ve been so busy making stuff for shops and my upcoming Xmas stall at Brixton Station Road Market that I’ve sadly neglected the bloggosphere, for that I apologise.


To cheer y’all up I decided to show you two of my little kittens I’ve made.

Introducing Batcat


and Robin

Don’t they make a cute superhero cat couple? The Batcat was inspired by an image going around the Internet that I stumbled upon and I thought I just had to reacreate this little black kitten with black bat wings in crochet. So I did.

Then I made this little Sealpoint Siamese kitten and realised that she was the cat equivalent of Robin, with her lovely facial mask.

It didn’t take much of a leap of imagination to link Batcat to Robin.


I’ve also recently made a set of Batman and Robin dollies for a very lovely client and Facebook friend. They were based on the original 1960 Kapow! Adam West version of Batman and Robin. Here’s a few pics.

Batman Kapow!

Robin. Kersplat!

Off to save the day.

Well, I’ve not got much more time to write so I’ll leave you with more pics of little Batcat and Robin.

She’s so sweet


Batcat from the side


So fluffy!



Back to the hook. ūüôā
If you’d like to keep up with everything I’m making, and are on Facebook, here are links to¬† my¬† Facebook pages : (remember to click that ‘LIKE’ button)

Crochet Bright and Beautiful

Crochet Dark and Decadent

I have a shop too, over at Makerhood if you are interested in purchasing , gifts maybe?

Here’s the link anyhow: Angel and Devil on my Shoulder







Stepping through the looking glass

This gallery contains 9 photos.

    Things have been really exciting recently. My crochet work has taken a brand new direction. Complimenting the bright and beautiful crochet goods I¬† have been making over at CrochetBrightandBeautiful¬† I have stepped through the looking glass that I … Continue reading

Serendipity? Oh yes! Oh yes!


It’s been an interesting few days, full of coincidences and chance meetings.

I’m the sort of person who believes that if you are on the right path, then things go right and coincidences happen as part of that confirmation.

( Just as I wrote that line, Dynamo the magician playing on the telly in the background said : My grandfather always told me that there was no such thing as coincidences, just things that were waiting to happen… )

Spooky that.
Well back to my true story.

Last time I held my market stall in Brixton Station Road

The collectible section of my market stall.

( a very seldom affair) , a very lovely man spent an awful long time pouring over my stock , clearly deep in thought. I’m quite a shy sort, and I’m not quick to offer help so waited for the inevitable inquiry.

” Could you make a dog to order? I’ve got a Jack Russel that I’d love to have made as a gift for a friend who looks after her for me.”
Well I love a challenge so I gave him my card and waited for the contact.

One one side of my business card I have my crochet business details.

On the flip side I have my Diane’s Puppets business details. I thought I’d combine the two in a multi purpose card. After all the target audience is virtually the same.
Well, a few months past and I totally forgot about this lovely man. That is until I received an email regarding making the dog for him. He had sent these lovely two pictures of Betty the dog

Lovely Betty the Jack Russel

She’s a sweetie

and asked if I could make her before the beginning of September.

That gave me loads of time, I’d surely get it done long before the deadline.

At the end of the email, he wrote this:

“Yes, I did check out your website as I was fascinated by the reverse side of your business card.
By a curious co-incidence you might like to check out my website :

My curiosity prickled, I clicked on the link to find that the man who operated the Churchill Dog on the adverts

who had operated Margaret Thatcher’s puppet in Spitting Image and who was the legend that was Nobby the Sheep from Children’s telly had commissioned little ole me to make him something. Talk about a puppets connection… how strange. He lived locally too, in Brixton.
Here is his showreel.

Seriously Simon, I’m not worthy.

But I took the job on and within two days Betty the little puppy was finished. Here is the finished result:

Isn’t she cute? She even has a little ladybird on her nose as an added cute touch.
I’m delighted to report that Simon loved her . We spent a very lovely morning chatting puppets and crochet over a coffee in Brixton as I presented Betty to her owner.


I’m still sitting here smiling at the serendipity of it all. I think I must be doing something right.


A bespoke crochet your pet service soon to be launched here at Crochet Bright and Beautiful for just ¬£30 you can have your own pet made young forever translated into crochet.¬† If you’re interested, leave a comment or email me on and make the subject line : Bespoke Pet and I’ll get back to you straight away.






Mr Lonely Boy : Pug number three

I’ve made a few collectibles over the past year but none so popular as the pug.

So far I’ve made three versions of this oh so cute puppy.

Here they are all together:

The first pug with his big doleful eyes

Poppy Pug number 2. She’s found a new owner already.

And this is my latest pug, Mr Lonely boy.

I think he is really cute with his chunky body, big head and low set eyes for added cute factor.

He sits so patiently

Back view

He just wants someone to love him.

Sitting back so you can see his paddy paws

I love that all the pugs are individuals, just as in real life. Isn’t that the beauty of hand made?

I’m sure this little lonely boy won’t be lonely for long. They’re usually the first puppies in the home to find a new loving owner.

Like all my collectibles, he is approximately 9 inches high , comes packed his own dinky white box and costs £20. ( plus p+p).

You can find him on my facebook page CROCHET BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL

or he will soon be added to my Folksy shop 

if he doesn’t go first.

I make all my puppies and kitties up as I go along, I’m not great with patterns. Now I’ve had some experience with crochet, I love the freedom of freeform crochet.

But if you are looking for inspiration and great patterns for dolls and cats and dogs, look no further than the wonderful Beth Webber who’s blog By Hook By Hand is an absolute treasure trove of patterns and who is my first inspiration on my journey for making my collectibles.

Crochet Brooches, Badges and Sugar Skullduggery

When I meet the public when I have the opportunity to bring Crochet Bright and Beautiful to a market stall ( usually Brixton Station Road) I like to listen to suggestions. The public know what they want. I want to make things that the public like. It’s¬† a simple exchange.

The last time I held my stall I had a few bits and pieces of jewelry as well as my crochet. Some of the pieces featured crochet elements as well, like this rainbow necklace.

Although it was much admired, the lady was really looking for crochet brooches.

So with this in mind, I went home with the bee in my bonnet to make a few crochet brooches.

I first made rainbows.

They’re all different.

Then I made beautiful blowsy cotton roses with beading:

Then I made more folksy cabbage roses with a tiny ladybird detail.

I remembered the dinky 50’s style cherry brooch I had made with a vintage lady in mind:

So pretty: cherries and cherry blossom made with pure cotton and felted leaves

Keeping the vintage feel in mind, I made this pansy brooch

Pretty purple pansy

with lurex purple , beading embroidery and felt leaves. The little ladybird is a cute detail.

Then last but not least, I made some seriously funky sugar skulls, inspired by the wonderful Mexican Day of the Dead.

The skull collection so far.

I’ve really enjoyed making these fellows. Each one seems to have it’s own personality. The possibilities are endless with these crochet brooches. I’ve used various yarns, some with added lurex thread for added pizzazz. Sequins and beads add yet more sparkle to these audacious statement pieces. I shall be making more in still more colours. Every one guaranteed unique. ( I hate making the same thing twice!)

They measure 9cm /3.5 inches long and fasten with a pin at the back.
They cost just £6.50 each which I think is a bargain for such an original handmade piece of jewelry.

If you’d like one, ( or any of the other brooches above) please head over to my facebook page CROCHETBRIGHTANDBEAUTIFUL¬†

Like the page and just add a comment under the relevant picture and I shall get one to you . Payment via paypal. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account, I can send you an invoice which you can settle with any payment card.

If you don’t have Facebook, here they are in my Folksy Shop.


So which is your favourite?

The white one on the bottom left is sold.

Hot off the hook!

The back of the brooches, felt backed, secure pinned.

Jolly skulls

If  you like what I do, please tell your friends and share my Facebook page with them. Thanks so much !

Puppy Collectible : Roddy the Rottweiler

I’m trying to vary what I make just to keep things even and fresh. So after last weeks kittens and a very cute fairy , I decided to make another puppy.

I’ve just sold Desmond the Basset Hound

to a lovely lady in Sugarland, Texas via my Folksy shop. It’s so exciting when people buy things; amazing the power of the Internet to make¬† our huge globe so tiny! Well now I only have Boris the Bulldog

crochet bulldog puppy


and Lottie the Labrador

and Dotty the Dalmation

Cute crochet dalmation puppy


left. I needed another puppy in my stock so I decided to make one of my favourite dogs: a Rottweiler.

Yes I know they have a bad reputation and can be terribly dangerous, but I firmly believe that dogs are as dangerous as their owners. I owned the most wonderful Labrador /Rotty cross a few years ago and he was a perfect dog. Sadly he had terrible epilepsy and we had to help him go to sleep after 9 fits in one evening took it out of him. He was only 3 years old. Sleep well Tiny dog.

So here is Roddy the Rottweiler Puppy. He is made from glossy black cotton yarn and rusty brown acrylic.

Roddy the cutest Rotty

I think he’s a darling. He’s 9 inches high like all my other puppy collectibles and comes packaged in his own dinky white box.

All my collectibles cost £20 ( plus p+p) and would make a very special unique gift for someone who has everything.

Please note these creations are not sold as toys due to their handmade nature and are suitable for decoration purposes/ older children only.

Find him here on my Facebook page and soon he will be listed in my Folksy shop.: Crochet Bright and Beautiful

Sofa Art

Have you ever considered that your home could be your own personal gallery? Your sofa is an excellent place to showcase your taste and colour sense. I feel that you can tell a lot from the cushions on a person’s sofa.

With this in mind I’ve created what I believe to be little works of art for your sofa.

Inspired by some beautiful soft yarn that is the colour of heather and peacock tails and features tiny spangles of magenta sequins that catch the light in a magical way, I crocheted these cushions.


The snuggle of cushions.

I wanted to make a set that coordinated with each other but were individual compositions in their own right.¬† They are all 15″/39cm square , are backed and lined in cool black pure cotton and feature an envelope fastening plus button tops that keep the cushion pad nice and snug.

Showing the back of the cushions


The pad is fully removeable and the covers are washable but hand wash only as they are delicate. ( Like all crochet goods).

This cushion features a tassel

The cushions are for sale as  a set only. They come with pads and cost £65 for the 3. They are one of a kind , unique , original, handmade art for your home.

Available to purchase on my Facebook page Crochet bright and beautiful. If you don’t have Facebook , just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.




Ms Jo Bangles ( with apologies to Mr Bob Dylan)

Along with the necklaces I’ve been making , I’ve been making elasticated bangles as well ( mainly for girls ) Well, you can’t have naked wrists now can you?

So here they are :

Pure pretty pinkness with pink glass heart charms

The ‘Barbie’ one.

Word bracelets.

Butterfly pearl

Pink floral

Rainbow cubes

You’re a star


Dancing Dolls


All bangles are a bargain £3.50 each (plus p+p) but if you want to avoid the p+p and fancy a trip to lovely Brixton , come and see me at my stall Crochet Bright and Beautiful tomorrow ( Saturday 30th June ) in Station Road.

I’m not there very often, ( probably 4 times a year) so this is your chance to come and grab yourself something unique and locally made.

Come and see me !

I’ll be there from 9.30- 5pm and if you don’t know what to look for, this is a hint:

Crochet chain necklaces

I’ve been making simple and funky jewelry lately, mainly for children and the young at heart. Up until now I’ve been using elasticated thread to string the beads .

Now I’ve decided to do a range of necklaces that incorporate a crochet cotton chain with selected beads in the middle.


Here’s some I made earlier:


Wooden bead necklace

Okay, so this one doesn’t have a crochet chain. You got me there. It’s cute though?

These necklaces feature miracle beads. They’re hard to photograph as they respond to light in a very strange and beautiful way. They photograph grey, but expose them to light and they have this inner glow that is pure magic. They have to be seen to be believed: hence why they’re called miracle beads.

This pretty necklace features buzzy bees hiding underneath the satin roses.

This one showcases the miracle beads and the pretty pink floral beads and has four charms that say made with love . It certainly was!

All these necklaces were lovingly handmade by me , are all unique ( I only make one of a kind) and cost just £7.50 plus p+p.

Or you could avoid the p+p altogether and come and pick one up for yourself tomorrow (Saturday 30th June)¬† at Brixton Market ( Station Road) between 9.30am-5pm. I’ll be there at my Crochet Bright and Beautiful stall. It would be lovely to meet you!






A Beady Eye for Necklaces

Not content with just crochet, I’ve taken up jewelry making as well. As if my fingers weren’t occupied enough!

( Well I am a bit of a magpie, anything that sparkles and all that…)

Here are the latest additions to my stock.

Forget 5 a day, why not have 9 portions of fruit instead with this delicious fruit necklace and matching bracelet.

This pretty necklace was made for a very special lady. I’m happy to make any design to order.

I call this one the ‘Fairy Special’ as it is very special. ( See what I did there? ) Three strands of sparkles and flowers, all held together with sparkly links and pink flowers pointing towards a fairy pendant and a pink miracle bead. ( The miracle beads need to be seen in real light to really appreciate their magic. They glow like they’re alive!)

Detail of the fairy pendant . The necklace is made from three strands of strong elasticated transparent nylon making it perfectly safe for young necks.

I believe these necklaces would make perfect gifts for young girls. They’re all unique. So if you are looking for a gift for a girl who has everything , here it is!