Me? A crazy Crochet CAT lady? It’s a funny old life

It’s been too long since I wrote in this blog, and for that I apologise. I’ve been rather busy. Too busy to even snatch the odd half an hour it takes to write a blog post. So what have I been busy doing you may ask?

Crocheting. Lots of it. Why have I been crocheting? For fun? Well, yes crocheting is an endless source of amusement for me but it’s not that.

I’ve been selling crochet goods in a few shops and have had quite a busy time just keeping up with restocking.

I’ve sold the original Batcat batcat1to a lovely lady called Dee in the USA .

I’ve since made two more versions: this one for Alex in Australia and his girlfriend Sophie


and this one for a man called Dan in Canada. Dans BatcatBut Batcat’s aside, it’s been rather busy for another reason.

I’m crocheting lots because of a cat. Not just any old cat, but a miracle cat called Anakin. Anakin the Miracle Cat is a beautiful cat who lives in the USA.  He is rather a popular boy, not just because he has remarkably handsome features  and a personality to match, but also because he is rather special, being born with no pelvis or back legs. But don’t feel sorry for him, here he is climbing a Kitty Condo tower quite happily.

Isn’t he remarkable?

Well it all started for me when Anakin’s ‘grandma’ contacted me on my Facebook page ( to ask if I’d create a crochet version of her little kitty for her daughter. How could I say no? So I did.

And here is how he turned out. Anakin1Anakin6and this is how Anakin responded to his crochet doppelganger.AnakindoppelWell, he poses so well next to him don’t you think?

Well since Anakin, I’ve been flat out hooking, making pet portraits for people all over the world, from Norway and Denmark, to Australia , Canada , USA and of course, right here in the UK.

Here are a few of the lovely kitties ( and puppies) that I’ve had the pleasure of recreating.tgr9 Caspar9 Ein12 fluffyaino1 giz6 grim16 Guido2 IBK1 Jamie3 Jasper4 Litter5 molly4 MrK3 newshawti6 pat8 pdg2 sarahs4

As you can see, I’ve been a busy bunny. I’ve come quite a long way since I wrote this first post about my ambivalence towards making cats…

So, if you know anyone who is looking to have a dear pet immortalised in crochet or you are looking for that purrfect gift for a pet lover, pop over to either my Etsy shop (outside the UK) or for my UK people, my Folksy shop. There are links there to order either a cat , dog or a Diva Dolly. If you have other pet critters you’d like me to make, just drop me a line. I love a challenge!



3 responses to “Me? A crazy Crochet CAT lady? It’s a funny old life

  1. Wow – I am amazed. You have such a talent – these are so life like with their own characters.

  2. You are amazing and I am honored to have “met” you!!

  3. Missed you, lady! These are gorgeous and life-like! Keep on crafting (and of course, reporting back occasionally when Life permits). Be well!

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