Where do I begin?


I’ve been really neglecting blogging of late.

I’ve been so busy what with Diane’s Puppets  
and making all things crochet, I’ve hardly had time to think, let alone write.
But I’m not complaining, not a bit of it!

Since learning to crochet just over a year ago now I’m now have my crochet being stocked in three shops, one in my local area, Brixton in a brand new gift shop in Market Row, right next door to the best pizza place in the UK , Franca Manca’s . If you haven’t had a pizza at Franca Manca’s you’ve not eaten pizza, trust me. And it’s really reasonably priced too. (You can tell I’m hungry can’t you? ) Well while you are there, pop into the gift shop next door called 20 Storey and check out Crochet Bright and Beautiful and also some Crochet Dark and Decadent.

One of my pugs in the window at 20 Storey.

Cute crochet for cool kids .

I’ve also got stock in a lovely new boutique : Harriet Jade Boutique  in the Derbyshire town of Wirksworth. Have a look at the facebook page here .

Crochet Bright and Beautiful hits Derbyshire! My stock in Harriet Jade Boutique

Then I’ve got five of my ‘scaries’ that I’ve made over at Crochet Dark and Decadent in a lovely toyshop Heelgoed Speelgoed 

Scary collectable dollies in Amsterdam toyshop Heelgoed Speelgoed

As if that isn’t enough, I’ve been asked to make some collectable dogs and cats for a lovely tea party shop in Putney. As soon as I’m finished that order, I’ll let you know the details.
I’m busy making new stock for my Xmas Eve market stall in Brixton for Crochet Bright and Beautiful. Here is a little taster of what I’ve been making:

Baby headbands

Cute soft ear hats



The ‘fluffy ears’ range of hats


Boy hats


Super luxurious newborn baby fox hat


Fish hat


Flower power hat

Girly hat

Daisy hat

The Quick Brown Fox hat



Red Admiral hat


So as you can see, I’ve been busy. Got lots more ideas to come, and lots more to make.
Oh, exciting news too, Crochet Dark and Decadent will be featured in two alternative magazines in the near future… I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get news.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you all soon(ish).
Now where’s my hook?















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