Turning Fairies into Scaries


I’ve always had a soft spot for fairies.

My childhood ambition was to grow up to be a fairy. I almost achieved it ( read about that here)

I have a very scruffy looking gothic fairy sitting stiffly on a cloud tattooed on my left breast/upper chest. It was a moment of madness, literally.

I was a lady of a certain age going through a difficult emotional time when I stepped into that tattoo parlour on a whim.

Most people would look at it and think that I’d regret getting such a clumsy piece of skin art, but I don’t. Like many people’s tattoos , it symbolises a time that I like to remember to keep me grounded.

Not the best piece of skin art in the world but it works for me.

I think most people go through a period in life when things go dark : if you don’t, you’ve lived a charmed life. We can’t avoid darkness in our lives, be it bereavement, loss, relationship breakdown  and so on. As painful as those things are , I believe they still play a part in the rich tapestry of life and can sometimes be our making rather than our undoing; character building stuff.

So I suppose you might say my tattoo predicted how my love for fairies would also, in time, include my love for ‘scaries’. I have been walking around with a prediction marked into my skin for over 10 years.


My favourite flower fairy. She flew away some time ago now.

has managed to turn into this:

My L’il Devil. Now with a new owner.


I’m not saying the Scaries have replaced the fairies, not a bit of it! I’m saying they’ve balanced the world out a little.

I’ve got to shoot off and be a children’s entertainer now in my incarnation as Diane’s Puppets.

I’ll be back to show you what else has crawled out  of the shadowy dark side that is Crochet Dark and Decadent 
very soon.

Toodle pip.







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