Stepping through the looking glass



Things have been really exciting recently. My crochet work has taken a brand new direction. Complimenting the bright and beautiful crochet goods I  have been making over at CrochetBrightandBeautiful 

I have stepped through the looking glass that I found at the end of the crocheted rainbow into a world of darkness, excitement and a whole lot of decadence. I’ve launched the wonderful world of Crochet Dark and Decadent. For now it is just a Facebook page, but I have great plans ahead for exhibitions and happenings as well as an exciting range of one off creative artistic pieces celebrating the darker side of life.  I’ve been inspired by performance artists, latex costumes, drag queens and the wonderful Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations to creative a world of lush deep colours, shiny sparkly things and a little bit of pain every now and again.

Here’s a little gallery of the things I’ve been making:


It’s a very exciting time. I only wish I had another pair of hands.



One response to “Stepping through the looking glass

  1. Wow these are really intricate. The detail is amazing. You can tell that you enjoy making them.

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