Performance Art inspires Crochet

I’m a granny.

I crochet.

I’m also an artist and performer.

You can’t put this granny in a box when it comes to crochet. I make granny squares but I also make art.

An unfinished baby, sewn in velveteen

I’ve always loved performance art and have long been a fan of the late, great Leigh Bowery.

Pushing boundaries of body image and beauty.

His life celebrated in the West End musical Taboo, he in turn inspired another one of my heroes , painter Lucien Freud, who used Leigh as one of his biggest models.

Lucien Freuds masterful work.

I’ve recently discovered performance artist Marnie Scarlet through  a mutual friend, the wonderful painter John Lee Bird who had recently painted Marnie’s portrait as part of his Before Encore exhibition series. Please drop by this wonderful man’s site and support his art. If you have a few spare pennies, maybe you could help him reach his sponsor target. It’s tough for artists right now, all Arts Council funding has been scrapped this year because of the Olympics, so if you care about art, show  your love. Here’s a link to his blog for more information and examples of his fantastic art work.

Marnie is an extraordinary creative soul and I feel she has taken Leigh Bowery’s legacy of playing with taboos and body image and expressed it as a strong woman. Be warned though, most of Marnie’s work is not suitable for those under 18 or who are easily offended.

After totally falling in love with one of Marnie’s incarnations: A Mexican Day of the Dead character, I was inspired to make a crochet version of her.

So here she is, I’m rather stuck on her.

Isn’t she lovely?

Every detail faithfully reproduced, right down to the high heels!

Look at her posing

Such a sassy lass

But wait, that hair style looks familiar…

Where have I seen that look before?

Oh yes, that’d be my work ribbons . I’ll avoid the matching skull face for work I think…

I think she ties in rather nicely with my sugar skull brooches

Available for sale in my Folksy shop.

Marnie the dolly is not for sale right now. I think I may make a range of ‘Scaries’ to go with my fairies, so until I do that you can’t have her.

She’s MINE!!! Nyeh, nyeh , nyeh, nyeh! ( Sorry came over all silly there)

But the brooches are  for sale, only £6.50 each for handmade , every one unique .

Head on over to my Folksy shop


if you’d like to order one.


3 responses to “Performance Art inspires Crochet

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  3. bravissima! i tuoi lavori son bellissimi ciao

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