Clarabelle, the Mustard Moggy.

Recently I’ve been making kittens from crochet.

Here’s a picture of the litter so far. I’ve had great fun making them. Each one has a distinctly different personality; from shy, sweet Twinkle, the black and white fluffy cat who is really dainty, Sparkle the little bit nervous but oh so pretty pure white pussycat , Misty, the grey Persian who hides behind her innocent face but is really a minx underneath to Clarabelle, my brand new mustard kitten who likes to keep her white paws really clean.

Here’s Clarabelle : she’s really a beauty with her big green eyes rimmed in black.

Her little pink tongue is hard at work keeping those sparkly white paws super clean.

She’s even cute from the back:

Here’s another view of her :Like my other kittens, she is 9 inches ( 23 cm) tall and made from fluffy, soft mohair.

She has a lovely white organza bow tied round her neck, finished off with a red flower that has a magic bead in the middle that glows from within when the light hits it.

If you have Facebook, please pop over to my crochet page


All of my kittens are unique and hand made ( by me of course) and no two are ever the same. They are all for sale, looking for loving homes ( not as toys as kittens are delicate, but are collectibles for older children and adults) . They cost £20 each, ( plus £4 p+p in the UK) and come packaged in their own dinky box.

Just leave a comment underneath the appropriate photo on my Facebook page and I’ll get back to you.

They would make a wonderful gift for someone who has everything.

You can’t buy these in the shops.




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