Misty the naughty crochet kitten

Here’s the latest kitty to join the Crochet Bright and Beautiful litter.



Her name is Misty and she’s a grey Persian . Don’t let that cute face fool you, she’s quite the character. She will be that kitty to present you with a little dead mouse in your slipper in the morning because she loves you sooo much.

Just look at that sweet profile, that cute upturned nose and big blue eyes: butter wouldn’t melt huh? Well did you spot that really curly tail, shaped like a question mark, curiouser and curiouser ?

But when the adventures of the day are over, all Misty wants ( apart from dinner) is a nice lap to snuggle down on and someone to stroke her fluffy fur.

Could that be you?


If you want to give Misty a home, she costs £20 ( plus p+p) and comes in her own dinky white box. She measures 9″ from the tip of her toes to the tip on her pointy ear.

Find her over on Crochet Bright and Beautiful’s Facebook page. Like the page and leave me a message under the photo and I shall get back to you.

Eww… what is that on the floor?



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