Crazy about Crochet Cats

It’s funny isn’t it how time can change things? A while ago I wrote this blog post where I was very unsure about my feelings towards making crochet cats. I’ve always been a dog person so making cute puppies was a natural thing for me to do, but cats? Hmmm.

Well, after discovering mohair and the joy of fluffiness I’m totally converted. So much so that the puppies have taken a back seat for now while I work on my litter of cute crochet kittens.

Here are my latest  pair: Twinkle and Sparkle.

crochet kittens

Sparkle is the white one, Twinkle is the black and white one.

They’re made from fluffy mohair that has tiny sequins in the thread. What an irresistible combination of fluffy and sparkly. Add a bit of ‘bling’ and a flower and bow and I’m bowled over with the impact of the cuteness. Both kitties have enormous attention to detail, having whiskers, eyelids, curly tails  and pink pads on the bottom of their cute paws and pink embroidered inside their ears. They are dinky in size, measuring just 9 inches from tip of the toes to the tip of the pointy ears.

Due to their handmade nature they are sold as collectibles only, suitable for careful ownership of an older child /adult. They do not withstand rough play. They are delicate kittens after all.

Here are some other pictures of the cute couple.

white crochet kitten

Black and white cute crochet kitten

White cute crochet kitten

So , it’s official I’m a crochet cat lover. Now I’m rather addicted to sourcing mohair to make the rest of the litter.

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10 responses to “Crazy about Crochet Cats

  1. Oh my goodness. These are amazing! Do you sell them?

    • Thanks Christine, I’m totally hooked into making them atm.I do sell them, mainly on a market stall in Brixton , South London but I have sold a few online. They cost £20 plus p+p. Not sure that it works out too favorably in USD…:(

  2. These are so adorable! I’m a through-and-through cat person and I absolutely love these!

    • Aww thanks Hannah. I had cats as a kid, they all either ran away or died in some way so that’s probably why I turned out more of a dog person: they seemed to last longer! These crochet cats have proved very loyal up until now…

      • Aww well the cat we have now is my third and we have had her for 13 years! I was only quite young when we got her so she is very protective of me and my younger brother! I love your little crochet ones so much!

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  6. I think I’m in love! will try my hand at crocheting something similar. Thanks for the inspiration

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