Crochet chain necklaces

I’ve been making simple and funky jewelry lately, mainly for children and the young at heart. Up until now I’ve been using elasticated thread to string the beads .

Now I’ve decided to do a range of necklaces that incorporate a crochet cotton chain with selected beads in the middle.


Here’s some I made earlier:


Wooden bead necklace

Okay, so this one doesn’t have a crochet chain. You got me there. It’s cute though?

These necklaces feature miracle beads. They’re hard to photograph as they respond to light in a very strange and beautiful way. They photograph grey, but expose them to light and they have this inner glow that is pure magic. They have to be seen to be believed: hence why they’re called miracle beads.

This pretty necklace features buzzy bees hiding underneath the satin roses.

This one showcases the miracle beads and the pretty pink floral beads and has four charms that say made with love . It certainly was!

All these necklaces were lovingly handmade by me , are all unique ( I only make one of a kind) and cost just £7.50 plus p+p.

Or you could avoid the p+p altogether and come and pick one up for yourself tomorrow (Saturday 30th June)  at Brixton Market ( Station Road) between 9.30am-5pm. I’ll be there at my Crochet Bright and Beautiful stall. It would be lovely to meet you!







2 responses to “Crochet chain necklaces

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  2. What a bright and colourful stall. I hope that you sell loads and manage to keep dry. I love the necklaces – they are brilliant fun.

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