A Beady Eye for Necklaces

Not content with just crochet, I’ve taken up jewelry making as well. As if my fingers weren’t occupied enough!

( Well I am a bit of a magpie, anything that sparkles and all that…)

Here are the latest additions to my stock.

Forget 5 a day, why not have 9 portions of fruit instead with this delicious fruit necklace and matching bracelet.

This pretty necklace was made for a very special lady. I’m happy to make any design to order.

I call this one the ‘Fairy Special’ as it is very special. ( See what I did there? ) Three strands of sparkles and flowers, all held together with sparkly links and pink flowers pointing towards a fairy pendant and a pink miracle bead. ( The miracle beads need to be seen in real light to really appreciate their magic. They glow like they’re alive!)

Detail of the fairy pendant . The necklace is made from three strands of strong elasticated transparent nylon making it perfectly safe for young necks.

I believe these necklaces would make perfect gifts for young girls. They’re all unique. So if you are looking for a gift for a girl who has everything , here it is!






3 responses to “A Beady Eye for Necklaces

  1. Oh my! I love these, I make bracelets (not to sell though, justa hobby) I wish I could find beads like those, so pretty 🙂

  2. These are really pretty. Very smart photos too, very professional. Hope they sell well. 🙂

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