More Necklaces for the Young and Young at Heart

I can’t stop.

Here are the latest necklaces. All would fit child and even be a choker for a grown person. They’re all strung on elasticated cord /thread for safety’s sake.

pretty pink necklace for girls

Pink to make the boys wink

Detail of the flower

Pink to make the Boys Wink is a little girls fantasy necklace. Organza pink bows and a faceted pink flower decorate this confection of mixed pink beads. All beads may apply to be on this necklace as long as they are PINK! Threaded on strong pink elastic cord , this necklace is pretty and durable.

Kids necklace fruity

Tutti Fruity

Tutti Fruity is a rather more delicate necklace. Featuring 9 different types of fruit , all strung together with sparkly bright coloured acrylic beads on fine but strong elastic thread. The large wooden strawberry dangles from a pretty diamante decorated silver coloured fixing. Featuring four silver coloured sweets along with the fruit, this necklace is almost sweet enough to eat. Don’t! It’s not edible.

Finally, I’m bringing crochet back into the mix now and adding crochet elements to my necklaces. Here is the Magic Rainbow one.

Rainbow necklace for girls

Here we have a bright crocheted rainbow with real crystal raindrops and two sparkly pale blue sequins. The rest of the necklace is formed from gorgeous chunky rainbow cubes that are interspersed with rainbow sheen acrylic beads in bright colours and alternated with pretty pastel butterflies. How delightful!

I love rainbows. I once stood at the end of  a rainbow as it plunged into the shallow waters on the bank of a Swedish lake. I searched for the pot of gold but it eluded me. I think the fairies had already taken it.


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3 responses to “More Necklaces for the Young and Young at Heart

  1. Oh, I love that little rainbow! I’ve been thinking about making one myself. 🙂

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