Little Fairy bags for Girls: The range continues

The Mermaid One


After finishing the last bag , The Anne Bonny one ( Pirate Princess)

pirate princess bag

Isn’t it adorable?

I thought I’d stick with a sea theme. I just HAD to make a mermaid bag. I’m just a little bit transfixed with mermaids. I have no idea why  I’m still so in love with the mythology of mermaids , even at the ripe age of soon to be 48. I really should be growing up by now, but no, I  hold up my hands in confession and proudly proclaim:I love mermaids.

So here it is:

Mermaid bag

Proudly presenting my mermaid bag

Crochet mermaid

Pretty mermaid holding her starfish

Fish bag

The back of the bag showing the sweet orange Angel fish.

Angel fish crochet

Close up of fish

Crochet mermaid bag

So pretty , what little girl wouldn’t want to own this?

This bag measures 6 inches square , is fully lined with fresh lime green cotton and is made from a combination of mohair and acrylic yarns.

Much attention is paid to detail in this bag, making it a piece of wearable art . The mermaid has long flowing blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and holds a starfish while she swishes her fishy tail amongst the seaweed.

The rim of the bag is adorned with pearl beads in shades of blue and green. The Angel fish has a googly eye and silver thread fins. She blows sparkly bubbles.

To complete the marine theme,  seaweed sprouts from the handles in two shades of yellowy green.

This bag costs just £15  plus p+p , which considering that each bag is an original piece of crochet art, represents fantastic value for money. This would make a perfect original gift for that special little girl.

Available on my facebook page ( just leave a note next to the relevant photo and I’ll get back to you) with payment via Paypal.

Or you can visit my folksy shop once I upload it.


I wonder what I’ll make next? Does anyone have any suggestions?




5 responses to “Little Fairy bags for Girls: The range continues

  1. twinkletoes2day

    This is beautiful Diane and the mermaid is so very pretty:D
    What about a jungle themed one? 😉
    Mo x

  2. I love that you keep your spirit vibrant with even fantastical images of mermaids and such! You are as young as you feel! I’m taking notes. 🙂 It’s too bad you’re in the UK. I’d scoop up two of those for my little ladies.

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