Brand New Fairy Hippie Chicks

Flo and Lulu Festival Fairies

Presenting the coolest Fairies on the block : Flo and Lulu.

Festival Flower fairy crochet collectible

Here's funky Flo with her neon welly boots

Crochet fairy purple hair collectible

Here's lovely Lulu and her stripey tights.

They are best of friends and love nothing more than dancing to the latest tunes and wiggling their wands and wings and stomping their fluffy pink welly boots in time to the beat. Both lovely fairies have the best hair do’s around; Flo has great grey and pink braids that are beaded and Lulu has vibrant purple high pony tails that are festooned with feathers.

Isn't she pretty?

Flo tucked up in her box.

Both fairies are not toys despite having safety eyes; they are collectibles suitable for the older child.

Available on my facebook page  

These lovely fairies cost £25 and come packed in their own dinky white box . They are totally unique creations, no other fairy like them exist.

4 responses to “Brand New Fairy Hippie Chicks

  1. fabulous products! Thanks so much for sharing at my #ArtAttackTuesday feature! xxx

  2. Fabulous products! Thanks so much for linking up with my #ArtAttackTuesday feature! x

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