Making Puppets the Videojug way

I’ve been approached by the video production company Videojug to become their ‘expert’ on puppet making. On Wednesday they are coming round to my little studio to film twenty short videos on popular puppet making searches. I’ve spent the last few days preparing and pre-making puppets for this auspicious occasion. I thought I’d share the latest puppets with you.

Here is ‘Girl Puppet”

girl puppet

Isn't she cute with her button eyes and cheeks?

If you like Girl puppet and would like to watch a step by step video of how to make this cute puppet , do stay tuned. As soon as the videos are finished I shall put up a link via Youtube.

Here is a half finished bird marionette that I enjoyed making. I have to take it apart for the filming, hence it being only half finished. I think she shall be wonderful when completed. She already has a very sassy walk!

Simple string bird puppet

What a gorgeous bird!

When making marionettes or string puppets, the secret in good movement is weighted feet. This particular exotic bird is made of very light polystyrene balls and pompoms and has feet that have two 2p coins stuck underneath to make her walk with gravity. Again, I must stress that she is only half finished as I will completely remake her on camera for the how to video. If I could make this lovely puppet from reading printed instructions, I’m sure you will be able to do it too especially if you are following a step by step video instruction.

To see more puppets that I have been making for this series of how to videos, check out my other blog post on kidspartyheaven.

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