Baby Blue Sky Beanie

The Cutest Beanie for the Cutest Babies

Beanie hat for babies rainbow bumblebee ladybird

So cute

This little beanie really sums up the spirit of Crochet Bright and Beautiful. It’s turqoise blue with grass around the rim and a ladybird nestling in the blades, with a dinky little embroidered  bumblebee buzzing around the sky. Of course there is a beautiful bright rainbow in the sky.

Pure gorgeousness, but then again I am biased. I did make it.

It’s hand crocheted in double strand double knit acrylic which makes it nice and chunky, soft and ( I think most importantly) easy to wash. When it gets grubby, just bung it into the washing machine on a 40 degree wash. Dry flat on a towel and you’re ready to wear again.

Oh I forgot to mention, the top of the hat features a bright yellow sunshine! Great to bring the sunshine back in the middle of our cold grey winters.

Turquoise beanie baby sunshine crochet

Hat from above

This super cute beanie would fit baby boys or girls up to the age of around 6 months ( depending on head size, we’re all different!) Maximum circumference 16″/40 cm.

Cute blue baby beanie rainbow bee ladybird

Springtime on the head

Crochet beanie hat for babies bonnet

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow sing a rainbow too.

Soon to be listed in my crochet shop. Feel free to browse and share the site with your friends.


Crochet Bright and Beautiful




4 responses to “Baby Blue Sky Beanie

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  3. Hi!!! I love this little baby rainbow beanie sooo much!!! Is there anyway you could send me a tutorial at all? If not that is absolutely fine:)

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