Crochet Puppy Love

A new puppy is born


Here is my latest puppy: a bulldog. I have no name for this cutie pie. Suggestions please?

crochet bulldog puppy


Crochet bulldog side view


Crochet bulldog back view

I want to go walkies...

Crochet bulldog cute puppy

Can I lick you?

Puppy features a cute sticky out tongue just ready to lick , safety eyes and nose, full pink detailing including paw pads and inner ears, the cutest stubby tail and a crocheted smart studded collar. Puppy is 7 ‘ inches tall and nice and chunky, just like a real bulldog pup.

So, what should I call this pup?



6 responses to “Crochet Puppy Love

  1. Ooh, just look at that face! He is just the cutest!
    What about calling him Buster? 😀

  2. He is really lovely!

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  5. I have a friends birthday coming up and need a pattern for abulldog is there any way i could get this pattern?

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