Crazy Crochet

Crocheting is fun. It allows me to express myself in some really crazy ways. Take this hat for instance

Citrus striped flower hat

It's bright isn't it?

I really wasn’t sure about this hat when I was making it. I loved the bright citrus colours and the flowers and the butterfly but I thought :” No-one would have the nerve to wear this, surely?” Well, it was one of my first hats to sell on Folksy, what do I know? I’m really glad it found a home and is being worn by someone who really appreciates it.


Well in the spirit of that hat, I made this:

Crochet dinosaur hat green teeth

Crazy Dinosaur hat

Crochet dinosaur hat

Check out the bobbles and sharp teeth!

Dinosaur hat

Side view

Dinosaur hat

From the front

Yes , it is quite mad. But I like it.

Do you?



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