Dotty about Puppies

It’s confirmed, I’m most definitely a dog lover.

I’ve tried making cats, but only managed one.

Here is my latest puppy. Her name is Dotty and she is a Dalmation.

She’s 6 inches tall, just big enough to fit into a pocket and has safety eyes and nose.

I think she’s really cute, but I’ll let you decide.

Cute crochet dalmation puppy
Crochet dalmation puppy side view

Perky pup

Cute crochet dalmation pup back view

I'm not listening.

Cute crochet dalmation puppy dog

Did someone say food?

Crochet dalmation puppy dog in box

Peep bo! Pups are packaged in cute boxes.


2 responses to “Dotty about Puppies

  1. Oh she is most definitely cUte!!!

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