Adorable Crochet Hats for Baby Boys and Girls

It’s all about hats for me at the minute. I can’t stop crocheting and coming up with new ideas to decorate snuggly baby hats for boys and girls. Here are the latest crop:

Baby boy earflap crochet hat rocket

Adorable baby boy rocket hat

I naturally gravitate towards girls things, being girly myself and having had two daughters and a granddaughter. Every now and then I remember to make something cute that baby boys can wear too. Here is a sweet hat with a crochet rocket on the front. The top of the hat is tied with the cutest rocket ribbon you will ever see!

Rocket crochet detail rocket ribbon

Just look how cute that ribbon is!

The hat is deep lilac and is edged with fresh white with a silver thread detail. It is tied with two lilac ties finished off with white tassles. This cute and funky hat is crocheted with double strand of double knit making it soft and chunky and ever so snuggly for your little one’s head. Fits up to 6 months old.

Okay, back to the girls! I just can’t help myself. Here is a pink pixie style earflap hat for the little fairies in your life.

Cute pink crochet pixie earflap rose hat

Pink pixie style rose hat

Crochet rose pink

Detail showing crocheted pink cotton rose

The hat can be tied on with the pink ties that are finished with soft green curly ringlets. Will fit baby girls up to 6 months old.

Finally ( for today at least) here is another for the girls.

Red and green flower petal beanie for babies

Pretty flower petal beanie hat

Here is a special little hat for your little flower fairy.

Flower hat for babies red and green

View from the top showing the leaf detail

Detail of crochet flower hat for baby girls showing ribbon

Close up of the cute pixie ribbon detail

Inspired by the cutest pixie ribbon that you can see above, this hat is made again with double strand double knit on a large hook making it chunky yet soft. Nice and warm as well as nice and soft. The little leaf on top of the tiny stem finishes off this very sweet little beanie. Would fit up to 6 months.

I shall soon be listing these hats in my Folksy shop.

I think I need to go and start making some dogs  now. The last batch all sold.






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