Crochet magic for new fairies and pixies

In a crochet making frenzy

Well it’s been far too long since my last craft blog post and I really must apologise. I have been very busy making and planning and doing hands on stuff rather than documenting. It’s now time to document and show you what I’ve been doing.

Since my very successful debut crochet stall on Xmas Eve in Brixton market, I’ve had lots of very useful feedback as well as selling lots of produce that I needed to replace. The best sellers were the fairies, dogs, finger puppets and baby slippers.

So it’s a fond farewell to:


Oh I just love fairies. And crochet. And crochet fairies. Sigh.


Did I forget to mention that I love dogs too? And crochet? And crochet dogs?





I mean, just how could you not fall in love with those puppies? Those lovely woofy crochet creatures all went to very loving homes. They’re all properly house trained and won’t cost you anything in upkeep. You could take them to the park if you wish ( you can leave the pooper scooper at home!)

The crochet baby slippers really made an impact and you can see why. They’re just sooo cute.



There were a few hats that were sold too, all in all it was a very successful debut stall. The feedback I got was that I needed to make more items for baby boys and for small babies. So I’ve been busy with that in the forefront of my head.

So this is the result.

Told you I'd been busy!

That is a box of shoes and a toy or two… I’ve since made hats to go with it.

The shoes are worth showing individually. So here they are:

A warm welcome to:

Sleeping Bunnies slippers (0-3mo)

Cotton ballerina pumps ( 0-3mo)

Blue star booties (0-3mo)

Sailor bling shoes

Red sailor bling

Bunny booties

pixie feet ( with jingle bells)

Elf shoes with jingle bells

Pink preemie shoes ( smaller than newborn)

Just delicious strawberry boots

Baby ladybird slippers

Toadstool toes

Buttons and bows

Tiny preemie mouse booties

Cute pompom grey cable boots

Grey boots showing detail


and finally, Scrappy the shy puppy.

Crochet crochet crochet crochet… I love crochet. There’s more to come, ohย  yes, much more.

That’s enough for now. The next post will be about hats.

Please pop over to my shop Crochetbrightandbeautiful to have a look at( and purchase at really good prices)ย  my latest creations.

You are guaranteed to be buying a very original gift for your baby or toddler ( or young at heart) made with heaps of care and love and totally unique. No piece I make is ever the same. ( Call it a low boredom threshold).

I don’t know about you, but I sense a change in the air. Are you feeling it too? I’m sensing people’s growing disinterest in the corporate label mass production thing and a growing appreciation for the human touch and the hand made.

I’m loving it… * whistles*


9 responses to “Crochet magic for new fairies and pixies

  1. You are so talented !!!!!
    i am just writing up an award for One lovely blog nominations and nominating you in the process
    !!! i will send you the link – ๐Ÿ™‚
    wish i had baby feet !!!! would love a pair !!!!!!
    so sweet xxC

    • Thank you so much Cat, I really appreciate your lovely feedback. In times like these I think we need a little dose of cuteness to cut through the grey dreariness of trying to make ends meet. This is my antidote to recession!Thanks for nominating me, I’m honoured, really and truly!

      • I think you are right – cuteness and sweetness – needed !!!!!!!! I would crochet if i could lol – but no luck here in creating anything that includes needles and keen sight – ps- i would seriously wear all those baby booties – is that wrong for a grown up !!!! lol xoxoxoxo
        much love and post coming soon xx

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  3. Your crochet work is sooo cute! I love the little boottees – just need to convince my hubby we need more stuff for our baby now…

    Jo xx

    PS – I definitely think you’re right about people preferring to buy handmade – why would you buy stuff that has been churned out in a factory in China or whatever when you can support small local businesses? It’s a no brainer to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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