Pass the Piggies

I’ve just finished a few more little gifts to add to my stock for my upcoming craft stall at the Morley College Christmas Fair on December 4th.

Pass the Piggies is an old game which is really entertaining. Two piggies are thrown like dice and you score points depending on the position they land in. Both piggies have a dot on one side of their bodies. The first to reach 100 points is the winner.

I’ve crocheted two little piggies and their own basket, and have included a set of instructions /score card to go with it.

The pattern is courtesy of a wonderful lady called Brigitte Read who has a really inspiring blog called Roman Sock. You’ll have to pop over to her blog to find out why she called it that.

The link to the pattern is here.


So here are my finished Pass the Piggies games.

How cute is this?

The basket where the piggies live

Piggies in green basket



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