And they called it Puppy Love


Just a cheap excuse to show an old Donny Osmond classic.

He was my first crush. Well, it was 1971 and I was only 7. Give a girl a break.


I’ve been crocheting again, what a surprise! This time it’s an amigurumi, the cutest Japanese invention ever, cute crochet creatures.

Who says Pitbulls are scary? My favourite dog person in the world, Cesar Milan has a few and they seem pretty docile to me. It’s not the breed, it’s the owner!

Anyway back to crochet. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Get ready for the Ahhh’s .


puppy dog eyes

Gorgeous, only 6 inches long

I've even got a proper collar

Yuk at my yikkle tail

From the back

Too adorable huh?


Now I’m off to make a beagle. Oh I love crochet.



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