A Crown for a Mermaid Princess

It’s been all about mermaids in my home this week. I started off painting my face and donning a long blonde wig. It was a bit of mistake.

Nice face paint , shame about the model

Looking carefully at the picture above you will see I’m wearing a flower garland.

It’s what I used to make a pretty mermaid crown to be used at parties where a mermaid theme is called for. It has countless applications, for gracing the birthday girl’s head as she is crowned Queen of the Mermaids, to storytelling and game playing.

I took that same old flower garland that I’ve had kicking around my studio for ages and wired on shells and extra seaweed. I’ve crocheted a gold fish and starfish or two and added them also. Small shells were glued on with contact adhesive and glossed over with pearly pink nail polish and sprinkled with glitter.

Ribbons in shades of sea green and blue were tied to the back.

I think it looks darling.


My mermaid crown, fit for a fishy princess.

Pretty fishy

I can’t wait to use it at the next mermaid party.

Marina waves



4 responses to “A Crown for a Mermaid Princess

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  3. This is lovely! I’ve been looking at seashell bridal tiaras etc. all over the net today, seeking inspiration for a mermaid hair piece, comb, crown, wreath, tiara, what have you, and I like yours the best! What did you use for seaweed? Looks like there are some glitter leaves, and maybe some torn & frayed green fabric? It’s very nice!

  4. Thanks so much Julie! I used green lining fabric and frayed it, plus I had some bits of plastic greenery that I had lying around ( I don’t throw much away…) and I decorated those little leaves with green glitter. It’s really not hard to make. Do have a go, I’d love to see the results!

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