A snuggle of cushions

So what is the collective term for a bunch of cushions on your sofa?

Surely it’s a snuggle?

I’ve made a new one to add to my collection. This one is crocheted in natural cottons in shades of brown, purple, pink, red and green in simple stripes and fastened off with three purple buttons.

New cushion in the sun

Button fasten detail

The snuggle

I think the new one is definitely a gentleman. Those stripes are handsome rather than pretty don’t you think?

Or have I just lost it?


5 responses to “A snuggle of cushions

  1. Definitely a snuggle of cushions! What a great term!!!

  2. I can definitely see that your newest one is a gentleman, as it looks more masculine compared to the other cushions he he…very handsome!

  3. A snuggle of cushions that sounds great, I like yours! I have a snuggle of cushions on my couch too and I love them.

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  5. Love these…very snuggle-y
    Thanks for sharing with NOBH…
    ~Kara @ The CHuppies/NOBH

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