Granny’s Gift to Her Little Angel

I’ve been making something new for my little granddaughter, Erykah-Rose.

Baby Erykah-Rose.

Sleeping fairy

Tiny Erykah-Rose

She had a bit of a rough start, born with pneumonia ( very rare) and spent her first week of life on a ventilator. Whilst in intensive care the doctors realised she wasn’t doing the nappy thing like other babies. After tests the rare genetic disorder Hirschsprungs disease was diagnosed.  This meant that this sweet little angel had to return to hospital to have abdominal surgery to fix her defective bowel when she was just three months old. Before the surgery my brave daughter had to get used to three times daily rectal washouts in order to help her baby empty her belly.

Our little angel after surgery

Erykah-Rose bounced back with gusto. Now she poos like any normal child and the only thing she has to show for it is a thin silver scar across the bottom of her belly.

We are all so grateful to all the staff and surgeons at Kings College Hospital, London for fixing our precious angel for free , and with such care.  Long live the NHS!

Look at how she has grown!

I thought it was time that my little granddaughter had something special made for her.

This is my latest crochet project, all finished.  I hope she likes it!


Crochet shell dress with matching hat

Flower trim detail

Hat detail

picot edge detail showing shell motif

Back button fastening

I’m so proud of my strong and clever daughter for being such a brilliant mum despite her tender age.

And of course you know how much I love my darling Erykah-Rose.



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