Aircrafty thankyou

I recently got a call back from one of my favourite clients to do a puppet show for their three year old son. After having first booked me for their one year old daughter back in April this was an opportunity to entertain their lovely son on his special day. These clients  have been so sweet and supportive towards me in the past that I wanted to show my gratitude in the only way I could think of : Crochet!

So birthday boy got his very own aeroplane made in soft cotton. It is tiny, around 3 inches across and has his name embroidered across the belly of the plane. Here are some pictures:

It was a joy to see how birthday boy really loved his plane. He held onto it all through the entertainment as he sat on his Mummy’s knee.

Of course, I couldn’t give something special to big brother without giving something to little sister as well. She was so into the puppet show, engaged and attentive, despite being only 17 months old. She giggled at all the jokes and waved at the puppets.

I gave this little fairy child something pretty to wear in her hair.

Pretty daisy crochet headband

Fit for a fairy

I just love how the simple process of crochet can quickly create something really special from simple materials. Each stitch imbued with love.





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